SPF: Ill-timed



Words 198

“Must you go?”

“What a question?” Professor Ray was incredulous. “After all these years don’t you know that I always honor my commitments?”

“Even at the cost of your wife’s life?”

“Now don’t be so melodramatic Madhu. It’s just a broken arm.”

“How will I manage alone?”

“Ask the maid to stay.”

“They haven’t even sent you the tickets like they usually do.” Madhu pointed out.

“The invitation letter clearly mentions all travel expenses and local hospitality will be borne by them.”

“It’s not like you have to catch the local train! You have to go to a different country. They should have sent you the tickets.”

“Roberts is an old friend. I have been to many conferences organized by him. Tickets or reimbursement have never been an issue.”

“But still you should confirm with him. It’s not a small amount.”

“What should I say? Show me the money first? I am academician not a businessman.”

“Surely there are other ways to ask?”

“Stop fussing!” Ray overruled Madhu’s objections and left for the conference.


“Roberts,” Ray called him from the hotel, “I am here for your conference. Have you changed the venue?”

“Conference? But that is next year.”


Written for Alistair Forbes Sunday Photo Fiction – a story in 200 words or less. To read the other stories inspired by this prompt, click here

 Thanks for reading – have you ever mixed up dates? 😀


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13 thoughts on “SPF: Ill-timed”

  1. He’s really absent-minded. A whole year is hilarious. His mistake is going to prove expensive. I hope he’d saved something back. Madhu will at least have him back to help sooner than expected. I’ve gotten times wrong but usually not years. Good writing, Dahlia. 😀 — Suzanne

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