SPF: David vs Goliath


David vs Goliath

 Words 196

Raju hugged himself as he tagged along with his mother to work. May be today he would get to hold it, play with it.

“Sit. Don’t touch anything,” Kamla warned.

Raju searched the showcase. It wasn’t there! Without a care for his mother’s strictures, he scrambled forward and shuffled around.

“Raju!” Kamla came rushing. “Sorry Madam.” She thrust him away and rearranged the pieces.

Raju was devastated. He loved the toy soldier, happy to even look at it. Now it was lost.

Shifting, he caught sight of it under the sofa. Thrilled, he picked it up. His wish had been granted! Everything was perfect, his rifle….

“Mom! Raju is a thief!”

A shove sent Raju flying. He cracked his head against the wall. Angered, Raju flew at his attacker. “I am not a thief!”

Madam cuffed Raju. “Liar!”

Kamla shook Raju. “Were you stealing?”


“Fine. Please clear my dues Madam.”

“Don’t be silly Kamla. Go and finish cooking…”

“I cannot work where we are not trusted.” Kamla walked out, dragging Raju.

“Raju, you should not have hit Rohit.” Kamla expostulated. “When will you learn to control yourself?”

“So you want me to be a hypocrite?”


Written for Sunday Photo Fiction – a story in 200 words or less based on the photo prompt given above. For other stories, click here

Thanks for reading (and commenting 😉  Do scroll down to the next post for some photos 🙂

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11 thoughts on “SPF: David vs Goliath”

  1. Why is it they are always instantly labelled with such names?? Like something goes missing in the house, then instantly the maids are under the scanner. I liked that she believed her son without any doubts, I liked that she made her decision to quit because her self respect was hurt. But the final question is the show-stealer, err, the story-stealer 🙂

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  2. Kids games na….hmm its ok not to judge them by what others say but by what you see with your own eyes, all your child needs from us is faith, and once shaken can weaken the foundation of a long road together so my mantra is…i trust you…..

    Liked by 1 person

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