SPF: Freedom


“Oh my dearest Prince how happy I am that we are together again!”

“Not as much as I, Rapunzel dearest!” The Prince held her close.

“What if Mother…?”

“Hush my dearest,” the Prince said, “She’s gone. You are free to do as you wish and I am your slave for life. Oh how I adore you!”

Rapunzel clung to him, tears of joy and relief running down her cheeks. “Take me away from here.”

“Come my beloved, my castle awaits.”

“Your castle?” She clasped his hands. ”Is it tall like this one?” She did love the view from her window.

“Not at all!” The Prince cried warmly. “My castle is no prison my beloved. You will be Queen and rule the roost. When I return from my battles, your pretty smiles, soothing songs and tender loving care will put me back on my feet.”

Rapunzel glowed with pleasure – how he loved her!

It took her five months to realize that perhaps she had been better off in the tower – Mother’s magic had made sure she never had to cook or clean. Now she barely had time to glance out of the window, leave aside sing a song.


Words 197; Written for the Sunday Photo Fiction (flash fiction 200 words or less). For amazing stories click here


For the readers of Moonshine, here's Chapter 71 and a little something for the fans of Calvin! Click here for more Short Stories or here for more information About the Blog

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