SPF: Reality Bites

SPF 08-19-18 Anurag 2
Photo (c) Anurag Bakshi

SPF: Reality Bites

Words 101

Amidst thunderous applause Kali walked up to the dais to receive her award from the President of India. Not just a wife and mother, she was a woman of substance – of the likes of Madame Curie. Pride and exultation filled her as she surveyed her family cheering and clapping until their throats and hands were sore.

“Wonderful groundbreaking work Madam,” the interviewer gushed. “You are truly an inspiration for all women and we are extremely proud of you.”

“Thank you.” Kali said modestly.

“Tell us Madam who was your inspiration on this long and difficult journey in a male dominated field?”

“My inspiration?” Kali laughed. “Everyone!”

“That’s interesting. Could you elaborate please?”

“I was named Kali because I was dark. I was also given other names because I was fat and short.” Kali shrugged. “Rejected by suitors and reviled by society I turned to my first love, academics.” Kali smiled. “So here I am.”

“What about your husband?”

“He’s been a pillar of strength all throughout. He took care of home and children while I slaved away in the laboratory…”


“How long does it take to make a cup of tea?” A querulous voice demanded.

“Coming.” Kali switched off the gas.


Written (after a long time!) for the Sunday Photo Fiction – a story in 200 words or less. Thanks to Susan for hosting the challenge and Anurag for the awesome photo prompt. To read the other stories inspired by this prompt click here.



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39 thoughts on “SPF: Reality Bites”

  1. So sad. The man probably thinks he did her a favour by marrying her (kali and fat). So what if she received a prestigious award, her real job is in the kitchen making his tea.
    Thank you, Dahlia.

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  2. Hmm it seems like lab problems have solutions but home problems don’t. Very powerful.
    It reminds me of story by Sudha Murthy. At times women in working or lower class have more control of their lives.

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    1. Even I have felt that Rupali! Many societal evils are so deeply ingrained and prevalent in the educated class – a reality show on TV showed that female foeticide was equally if not more rampant in this class. In one case, the woman was herself a doctor.
      Thank you Rupali for a lovely comment 🙂

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      1. Sadly I know some such cases. The sadest part is a well (very) educated mother accepts this in the name of societal norms moreover she forgives her husband and lives her life happily after.

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  3. Loved your imagination on this pic… perfect…. the girl is all ready, waiting to take the flight but alas, she is still after all a puppet… reality is quite harsh!!

    What a dream… .. she gives credit to everyone but herself!!

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  4. I thought Kali was in SKD and her husband reminded her of AD.
    Amazing to see different perspectives from a simple 101 word SPF.

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