SPF: A White Wedding


A White Wedding

Words: 200

It was the most exciting Christmas ever, pretty much like her tenth birthday when she had got a puppy and a bicycle. And now after 25 years, her prayers had been answered with not one but two suitors.

“So Ryan or Dave?” Sheila asked.

“Dave is just a friend!” Fiona protested.

“Who loves you…”

“But I love Ryan,” Fiona wore a dreamy look. “I can’t believe that someone like Ryan could ever…”

“So you are grateful and overwhelmed with his attention?”

“I didn’t say that!”

“Seemed like it to me.” Sheila shrugged.

“Why do you say that?”

“Here you are at the ripe old age of 35, a self-made entrepreneur, no expectations of getting married ever, and in comes Ryan, the dashing handsome rake that you’ve always been warned about…”

“Yes I know!” groaned Fiona. “Dave is safe while Ryan is like skydiving. My brain says one thing and my heart another. It’s a tough call.”

“If you had to choose one, the puppy or the bike, what would you choose?”

“Mr. Pups for his unconditional love. The bike gave me a lot of grief. Even broke my leg.”

“Well, there’s your answer.”


“I do.” Fiona smiled mistily at Ryan.


Written for the Sunday photo fiction – a story in 200 words or less. Thanks to Alistair Forbes for hosting the challenge and and photo prompt. To read the other stories inspired by this prompt click here.

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51 thoughts on “SPF: A White Wedding”

  1. No contest. Even you fall off the bike and injure yourself you get on the bike again until you master it(!!). After years of dull existence, Fiona’s heart chose the exciting life with the rake I mean Ryan. Life with Ryan will be a rollercoaster but fun. The puppy is for friendship and company.
    Good Morning Dahlia.

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      1. It is funny but i wrote the story with the express purpose of for once making the girl go for the underdog. And would you believe it even a fictional character refused to toe the linr😁😂

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      2. So Ryan is the outsider? Sorry, I do not understand the question for translation reasons. What does “toe the line” mean? Would I believe that even a fictional character follows an outsider?

        Hm, my opinions are based on my feeling in the matter and not on the story. I do not judge what the story would be good for and exciting, but what I want for the characters. I do not differentiate between fictitious and real. That’s why I also have a lot of problems with tragic stories …,) …. for which people you decide in life has nothing to do with whether they are outsiders or not. “Hip” people have never interested me. As a teenager, it was never the lead singers that impressed me, never the buffoons in the sport …. Martin Gore instead of Dave Gahan, Ivan Lendl instead of Mickey Mouse (unfortunately forgot the name, this hip tennis player back then, anyway I named him Mickey) …
        People do not impress me with what position they have in society, how they look or how successful they are. It is first and foremost an invisible bond, an unreachable attraction, and then, of course, a fascination for the person herself, her personality, charisma, what she does, and what she looks like ….


      3. Thanks for sharing your perspective. Toe the line is to do as dictated. When i think of a story i usually have a broad plot outline in mind with an end. But quite often the characters have a mind of their own and refuse to follow orders and instead i as the writer end up being a puppet in their hands

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      4. thank you so much for explaining…ohh, so it means, the roles are reversed, your characters do not do what you wanted to write, but you write what they actually do? That means you wanted her to go to the outsider and she did go with the other one? I can not believe this!

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      5. Haha this is exciting for the author aswell and a good choice to work like this. But after all, seriously it‘s your creation! You gave birth and called them to be part in your story. I do not think this girl would have take part in your story at all if she did not like the storyboard…I do not think she want to be part of a boring book🙃…as long as you do not get bored of your characters and ideas!

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      6. hmm, I can imagine that they have their own mind. Then we can only hope that history will take its wonderful course and she will reconize the right way.

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  2. Good Morning Dahlia. I had commented here earlier but you missed it but never mind. I hope you are getting better.
    I have not had much time to sit and gaze out in the garden. I see My Mr RRB flying around with his mate but he has not come close enough for me to say hello. I guess he has better things on his mind.
    We had a very mild Christmas with sunny days (4 degrees C) but ‘Storm Dylan’ is heading our way so the new year is going to be stormy, wet and cold. Can’t wait!!
    Have a Good Day.

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      1. No problem. I believe you are right about RRB. One of my brothers (I have 5 brothers) was telling me that as soon as you do some digging the robins come visiting for worms but in my garden, it’s the squirrel that comes running.
        Something about the storms excites me though it could be a different story if I was caught in it. Being inside your home looking out and seeing the trees dancing is a great sight, Thankfully we do not get very severe storms.
        Good Night Dahlia.


  3. We always want a bit of butterfly in our stomach…..it’s so exciting, unsafe but soft and fluffy and cuddly are also nice ….hard to choose ……food for thought 😀

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    1. yes, thats really true. Hard to decide…but this is a desicion, that nobody makes easily and quick…normally you think a lot, make pro and contra about all, until there is a point you con not think more…than you decide and weather it was a good desicion or not it is your life, and at the end you will love it and always try to make the best of it. For this time you will not look at the pros an contras, but you will chose the way which you will miss more if you would have not chosen it.

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      1. thank god we can not do that!!! Life should not be too much controlled, there must be room for magical moments for nature and for chance. Life was given to us. As a gift, we should also accept it and not order and reschedule as a possession.

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  4. Wonderful little story, but – OH, DEAR! Apparently Fiona didn’t understand Sheila’s advice…or just didn’t take it. This reminds me of my parents. My dad (Bob) had been courting my mom for some time; he was faithful and reliable and really loved her; he had proposed a couple of times. She went to France for the summer thinking only of Johnny – of whom her parents did not approve. Fickle. I’m glad she decided on my dad after all!

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