SPF: Taking a Stand

Photo (c) Dawn M. Miller

Taking a Stand

 Words 199

She woke with a jerk.

3.42 a.m.

Heart thudding, she slipped into the spare room to double check everything.


There was time to share one last cup of tea.

Her heart faltered as she looked around the kitchen.

Could she?

Should she?

What about him?

“What’s going on?”

“I am moving out.”

He laughed. “Who’d want a useless old hag?”

“I’ll manage.”

“How? You are too old for the brothel.” He sneered.

“Thank you for making it easier to leave.”

“Selfish to the core. What about the children?”

“They will understand. I hope.”

“After wrecking my life, you’re going to suck their blood?”

“I am going to live alone.”

“What about money? Going to beg?”

“I have a job.”

“Job! What can you do? Except spend money?”

“I am a chef for a home catering service.”

“A cook! Women of this house don’t to do menial jobs.”

“Outside the house you mean?”

“You’ll earn peanuts.”

“Enough for my needs.”

“What about your responsibilities, your vows?”

“Are they just mine?”

“What if I allow you to work?”




“What could you possibly hope to gain? What don’t you have?”

“Respect.” She shut the door on his face.


Written for the Sunday Photo Fiction – a story in 200 words or less. Thanks to Alistair for hosting the challenge and Dawn for the photo prompt. To read the other stories inspired by this prompt click here.




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18 thoughts on “SPF: Taking a Stand”

  1. Any lovely piece of fiction, Dahlia. Love how each of the characters are get shorter and shorter and more blunter with each other towards the end. Each are stubborn, each want to stand their own ground….usually that gets us no where 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

  2. “Thank you for making it easier to leave.” This. He validated every reason she should leave, point by point. Excellent progression in your story. You allowed us to understand the reasons for her difficult decision. In the end, it looks like she’ll be a better model for her children than the one she was showing them.

    Liked by 1 person

  3. He really did make it easier for her …how much low could he go…glad that she refused to be pulled along this time
    Liked the pottery work…the shapes and the vibrant colors

    Liked by 1 person

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