Earlier this year, I had the opportunity to visit the Chidambaram temple, dedicated to Lord Shiva in Tamil Nadu, India. The temple complex is spread over 40 acres (160,000 m2) in the heart of the city. There are four entries to temple complex – via 4 massive and intricately decorated gates known as gopurams. I had posted about it here.

Like all Hindu temples, footwear is not allowed inside the temple complex; we left our footwear in the car. As we strolled through the temple premises we noticed many of the locals using the temple premises as a short cut.

Harmony2They carried their footwear in their hands while they cut across from one gate to another. Notice anything out of the ordinary? Burqa clad women, in deference to Hindu sentiment, also walk across the temple complex, barefoot.

What better sight than this to exemplify harmony?

Bushy Greens

Suntree“I don’t see myself as extremely handsome. I just figure I can charm you into liking me.” Wesley Snipes

For Becca’s Sunday Trees – 284


Mango Trees

There are three mango trees right outside my window.

CornerThis one is at the left corner and its branches intermingle with the middle one – almost as if they were one. If you visited my earlier post here you would remember that I commented on their apparent overnight transformation. One fine day I noticed that the leaves were no longer dark or stiff and dusty. They were lush, tender green, brown and yellow shiny leaves! No striptease, shedding old leaves, baring arms and all that – just a magical instant make over. I promised to catch them in the act the next time. But that was a whole year away. That’s when it struck me – there was no need to wait for so long.

MtreesThey were both here, right under my nose. That’s the middle mango tree on the left and the third one on the right. I don’t need to ask you if you can see the difference between the two mango trees.

Mango treeOne is lush green and yellow, overloaded with fresh luscious leaves, heavily pregnant so to speak, just waiting to pop out mangoes. And the other, stuck in a time warp with its dark sparse leaves, stagnant and unchanging through the seasons. As if it had given up on life, barely hanging on – a gust of wind would be enough to snap it, end it all.

I looked once more at the dying tree and blinked.

What was that?

MangoWithin the dry hard winter leaves nestled tender, fresh shiny leaves, lime and brown. Can you see?

By the way, how many mangoes did you count?

It’s never over until you say it is over – and sometimes not even then.

For Becca’s Sunday Trees 283

WPC: Summer Surprises

The Daily Post’s Weekly Photo Challenge wants us to show a few surprises that we may have captured.


Traveling through this picturesque stretch, I was surprised to see the images in the rear view mirror. And don’t miss the carpet of leaves 🙂 Apologies for the blurred image – the auto ride was terribly bumpy 😀

SunflowerDon’t they look like unruly children trying to escape? And do check out the tiny top hat on the middle rod – Warden in charge perhaps 😉

ButterflyLook what I found in my mum’s garden! Not at all camera shy 😀

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Colors of Spring

It’s official – winter is over. It came back for one last thunderstorm, a shower of hailstones, forcing us to scramble for the packed up and tucked away woollies. A bummer. But may as well make hay while the sun doesn’t shine for once it does – it’s going to be hot, hotter and hottest. Stepping out, one is likely to get broiled, roasted and grilled in no time at all. Ah well, que sera sera. In the meanwhile, I look around me and marvel at Mother Nature’s way of celebrating the departure of the winter chill and the arrival of warm brighter days. Care to have a look?

BareBaring heart and soul, she squeezes out red blooms – check out the tips of her outspread branches.

20170310_074441She colors the world green

OrangeYellow and orange


And pink!

PinkThere’s even a dash of pink right outside my window 🙂

RedPeeping out from behind every building, every hoarding, every tree are these cotton tree (Bombax celba) flowers. If you are in Delhi, all you have to do is look up.

20170310_074130A splash of purple on the way to office.

In about a month’s time, taking cue from the summer sun she will wear the colors of the sun – watch this space for more 🙂

Here’s wishing you all a wonderful, colorful and joyous Holi – the Hindu festival of colors. The festival celebrates the victory of good over evil, the arrival of spring, departure of winter,  thanksgiving for a good harvest, a time to forget and forgive, and repair broken relationships.

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WPC: I Wish

This week show us a wish – this is the daily post’s weekly photo challenge. What do I wish for? I have to confess I am a bit skeptical about wishes – Be careful of what you wish for, you may receive it” ~ W.W. Jacobs.

But a challenge is a challenge so as the sun rises on a new day, I will settle for a prayer:

WishMay I be so blessed that there is no need for me to wish for anything at all ~ D

If you had a wish, what would you wish for?

Celebrating Woman Power

I have traveled a lot in North India and the one thing that strikes me while passing through small towns and villages is the absence of women on the streets. A few girls maybe seen here and there in groups either on the way or back from school. But mostly it is as if they don’t exist. In bigger cities, they are visible on the streets they are largely absent as a community working class.

On my recent visit to the South I was exhilarated to see women everywhere. At the hotel reception, as waitresses, guards, vendors etc. This particular stall caught my eye:

Nuts.jpgA mound of delicious tender coconuts for the thirsty walker. A common sight now in the North as well. But what I hadn’t seen was a woman wielding the scythe and that too with such ease and expertise.

ScytheI finally managed to get her to look up, if not at the camera

SmileThe little boy on his own trip is just an added bonus 😀


A bunch of flowers for all you wonderful people out there. No, not in celebration of Women’s Day for I plan to celebrate when there is no need for a Women’s Day.

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