To Catch a Kite








as a mountain.

Overall a loner

and a


Β curmudgeonly


So who could guess

that underneath

all that







bit of




Purple tree

πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€ And another one too!

Bfly tree

So which kite is your favorite?

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WPC: Windows

I am a ‘bit’ behind in my photo challenges but since I had them sorted I insist on posting them. The weekly photo challenge topic last week was Windows and here’s my selection – hope you like. πŸ™‚

WpubWindows come in all shapes and sizes, with or without balconies and serve all kind ofΒ  purposes.

ArtAs a showcase for art


AirportOr marvel at the thick clouds rolling in from the mountains and wonder if your flight will be on time or perhaps even take off…

RiverAnd then when the flight does take off, fret – why are all the rivers dry?

TrainYet, nowadays I find it more fun to look at windows rather than through windows.

Airport WindowThe distorted images remind me of the masks and facades we wear all the time, sometimes even to our own selves.

MeltdownBecause of which we often miss the imminent meltdown until it is too late

Train rainWallowing in our own selves, our vision blurred by our own tears we can no longer appreciate the beauty of the world that has been gifted to us.

Crack wIt is up to us if we wish to focus on the crack, the skew, the distortion or the serenity of the mighty Ganga as she flows steady and sedate ready to meet her destiny and lose her self in the Bay of Bengal.

ReflectionSometimes it is imperative to draw the curtains on our own self and look beyond the self.

W cleanersWe must appreciate and count our blessings as we look out into the world secure and safe while others hang by a thread just so that their bellies are a little bit fuller.

But it is just possible that the overdose of philosophy may have made your life a tad bit more difficult and depressing. 😦

In that case there is only one thing to do…

ShoppingPut on your most comfortable pair of shoes and go for a bit of window shopping! πŸ˜€ But wait, why just window shop? While out, loosen your purse strings, spend some dough and spread some cheer this festive season πŸ™‚

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Her Story


This isn’t about you

This isn’t even about me

This is about all those who

who gave of themselves

to make us



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Standing Tall

Summer is all but over and it is ‘technically’ off season for the glorious amaltas. Remember them? On one my (rare) morning walks, I caught them all decorously green and yet nestling within her folds were splashes of yellow.



Apparently even trees hate to give up their jewelry πŸ˜‰ Or perhaps she is just ensuring for her future generations πŸ™‚ But seriously, minus her glowing golden aura or her bare devil may care look, she does look rather drab and uninteresting doesn’t she? Let’s take a closer look shall we?

ScarredAt first I though she offered high rise apartments for rent. πŸ˜€ But on a closer look I realized they aren’tΒ  bird nests but scars from old wounds – branches that she has nurtured and in all likelihood mercilessly cut off. Does she not feel the pain of loss? How could she not? Yet she continues to grow and bloom, undeterred.

The show, you see, must go on.

β€œThe wound is the place where the Light enters you.” ― Jalaluddin Rumi

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WPC: Waiting…

Life is all about waiting isn’t it? Waiting for a better day, a better job, a better car, a better house. You name it, we are waiting err perhaps not for Yamraj (the Hindu god of death) πŸ˜‰ The weekly photo challenge from Daily Post this week is on same topic – waiting.

β€œAre you ready?” Klaus asked finally.
“No,” Sunny answered.
“Me neither,” Violet said, “but if we wait until we’re ready we’ll be waiting for the rest of our lives, Let’s go.” ― Lemony Snicket, The Ersatz Elevator

So without making you wait any more here we go πŸ™‚

Pondy sunWaiting for daybreak. Did you notice the sun rays shooting out just like they used to when we drew the Sun during our childhood? At least I did! πŸ˜€

GolcondaAt the Golconda fort, Hyderabad waiting to be explored.

FamilyA family waiting at a station for our train to pass and theirs to arrive. Or are they waiting for a loved one to arrive? They don’t seem to have any baggage with them. But then again, who can decipher baggage by just looking at people?

MenThese young men wait for their break to be over so that they can get back to work. πŸ˜‰

Two menYou can’t deny these two men are waiting for us to pass πŸ˜€ Don’t miss the lovely fields in the distance which was what I had been aiming for…

Bookcase2Then there are books waiting to be read – so many and so little time 😦 Hey BS say hi and thanks to you Jiji πŸ˜‰ πŸ˜€


Waiting for summer to pass and dine out, under the warmth of the winter Sun πŸ™‚

CakeWell? What are you waiting for? Go on don’t be shy, have a bite, have the whole thing if you like, it’s the non-fattening kinds πŸ˜€

β€œWe never live; we are always in the expectation of living.” ― Voltaire

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Sunday tree

The tiny tree encircled by a sarong of green leaves, under the protective shadow of the tall tree reaching out to the skies, drew me in. Braving a ferocious Sun and risking a migraine, I walked close to admire the cute little one. It was only later that I realized that I hadn’t even spared a glance for the unobtrusive, reserved middle one.

Screen Shot 2017-08-13 at 11.33.23 am
From Pinterest

Middlers – raise your hands πŸ˜€

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WPC: Of Textures & Blooms

Such a lovely word – textures isn’t it? I can almost feel it between my fingers! Or even my lips, on my tongue…oops I forgot! This isn’t an essay on textures but a photo challenge πŸ˜€ Without any further ado, here are some of my favorite layered and textured photos.

SunsetSunset at Mumbai – the clouds and the sky come together in a bid to give the even uni-dimensional sky an artistic textured finish to a wonderful day.

MysoreI thought this photo was apt for the topic because of the many textures and layers to it and not just the fine work on the gopuram. And of course I couldn’t resist showing off the perfectly symmetrically branched tree πŸ˜€

HutCan you not feel the coarseness of this quaint refuge from the hot sun?

FullSizeRender(1)This is a section of the outer walls of the Amer fort at Jaipur which is meant to keep out the enemy. Yet there’s something beautiful and captivating about itΒ  don’t you think? I wonder if they had specialists who focused on the beautification of ramparts?

KashmirAmazing whatΒ H2O can be right? πŸ˜€ Flowing water, floating clouds or rock solid ice.

PragueA random click of picturesque Prague. The lighter and darker shades of green, the brick roof, both grey and white clouds in a blue sky – sigh…


Rock flower







it is

a matter




can stop