Still Standing

Photo shared by my sister from Dublin

Thank you








what you don’t get

is that you

have only made

me stronger.

For Becca’s Sunday Trees – 297



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13 thoughts on “Still Standing”

  1. Trees have to be hacked if they are dangerous. The other day a 50+ woman was walking home from her yoga class and a coconut tree fell on her and actually killed her. At times like this it is essential to remember the safety of humans first.
    Of course the needless hacking of trees is a crying shame but on the other hand, rotten trees need to be brought down.

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  2. I can only the determination and grit to withstand it all and yet stand tall, amazing reflection of human nature too in a way….but i love the way you have so well expressed it, the words are speaking a story to those who can hear it well….

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