I grew up hearing that each of us has seven other people somewhere in this world who looks exactly like us. Have you heard of it? Do you believe it? I am very skeptical about this theory until I found a tree doppelgänger half way across the world! Don’t believe me? Take a look.


If you are regular visitor to my blog (or home) you may have seen this tree right outside my window.

ViennaDoesn’t it look eerily similar to this one in Vienna?

You and I

will never meet


it is enough

to know

that our


are anchored

on the same



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“Next!” The judge banged his gavel.

A grubby girl barely out of her teens was led in.

“What’s the charge?” the judge peered at her over his spectacles.

“She is guilty of killing her own child your honor.”

“Is this true?”

“No, no,” the girl wept, “it’s not my fault.”

“It is entirely her fault your honor.”

“No! It isn’t! I didn’t even know I was pregnant.” She pleaded.

“Do you deny you had a baby?” the judge asked.


“But you didn’t know you were pregnant?” The judge said.

“I didn’t! I had severe stomach pains and then there was blood….”

“Lies your honor, all lies.” The lawyer thundered.

“Silence! Where’s the father?” asked the judge.

“I don’t know.” She whispered. “I was raped.”

“Is that why you killed your baby?” The judge said.

“I didn’t kill it.” she insisted. “They said it was premature labor, a miscarriage…”

“Miscarriage! She murdered her own child, an innocent baby and threw it into the garbage. The proof is on your table your honor.” The lawyer said. “This is murder most heinous, your honor and deserves the highest punishment.”

It’s not my fault.” She shrieked.

The judged banged the gavel. “Silence in the court! There is incontrovertible proof of guilt. You are a murderer worse, of your own child. And for that you are sentenced to 30 years in prison.”


Based on a true story published on 7th July 2017. My nerves have been jangling ever since.