Just 4 Fun # 47 B

Hello! What’s up people? Can you hear me? It’s pouring cats and dogs and I can barely hear myself think over din. Anyway talking of cats…

Baby cat😀 😀 Mama cat does have a point 😉

SpidermanAnd if you are smart, you’ll take a hint from Spiderman’s predicament. Better to spend ones time more productively like this artist

3d painting

Who created a 3-D painting – amazing isn’t it? Moving on…

Q algo

So, did you ask your question? 😉

CutePerhaps I have shared this before but one with which I thoroughly concur 😉 Besides there are bigger problems and woes especially for us living in Delhi…


😀 tomato prices have sky rocketed! What’s the price like at your place?

But I saved my favorite for the last – one that effectively depicts the great Indian jugaad. 😀


For every problem, there is a solution 😀

Hope you found something that you enjoyed – none of which are mine by the way. I received all of them as forwards/shares and am just keeping the fun going.

Have a super week and don’t forget to have some fun as well 🙂

And do let me know your favorite – or better still post your own and leave me a link I will be along in just a bit.

Still Standing

Photo shared by my sister from Dublin

Thank you








what you don’t get

is that you

have only made

me stronger.

For Becca’s Sunday Trees – 297