WPC: Come Let’s Wander

What do you feel about armchair travel? Better or worse than the real thing? Both have their own charms and advantages, don’t you think? Anyway, in this post I bring to you selected views of Puducherry, India, which we visited recently in an unsuccessful attempt to slake our wanderlust.

SunriseGet up at the crack of dawn – actually even before that to catch the Sun rise.

Sun2Then be too captivated to leave the mesmerising pull of the ocean, the rising sun, the spraying surf, the salty tangy wind messing up your hair (and heart), the shrieks of carefree laughter fun and frolic.

GopuramWe managed to drag ourselves away only to gape in awe and wonder at the intricate designs and workmanship.


And almost yielded to the intense urge and try out the dance poses and steps.

PondyExplore the quaint sleepy town in search of a highly recommended rooftop cafe which was closed for repairs

Table for 2And land up for dinner at the very same place we had first thought of staying at while shortlisting hotels.

Boat rideAnd off again for a picturesque boat ride to Paradise beach.

BeachBut Paradise beach was anything but. The hot sun and sand deterred us from venturing out into the tempting waters. But, I have to confess that we were the only ones to beat a hasty retreat. The others had come armed with food, beachwear and hats. But the sand was really hot….

TrudgeIn our defence, there were other greener pastures and bigger goals to be achieved – after a long trudge in the blistering heat.

MatrimandirMatrimandir, at the Auroville is a modern structure built for the practice of Yoga. Matrimandir has a lotus-shaped dome almost 30 meters high and is covered by golden discs that reflect sunlight.

Shade aurovilleAuroville is an experimental township or a universal town, designed by famous architect Roger Anger. Auroville is a popular tourist attraction of Puducherry. Another view of the Matrimandir framed through the trees – which view do you prefer?

Sticks and stonesOn the way despite the heat I marvel at the sticks and stones

WalkBe grateful for any shaded paths

BusIt was an exhilarating trip no doubt but by the end of it I was guilty of sidelining the massive banyan tree and making a beeline for the bus.

Can you see it?

That’s all from me folks but if you like to see more of Puducherry you could click here for gopurams, for Kolam and for local women.

And don’t miss this one here 😀

Do let me know if have any favorites and thanks for your company 🙂