WPS: One Perfect Summer

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One Perfect Summer

Word 150

“That’s Granny’s house. The others lived down the road.”

“There were four of you right?”

“Yes. Darius was the youngest and I, the oldest.”

“The big boss eh?”

“Yep. I got to decide which games to play.”


“And tree climbing. The middle one was mine. I could climb right till the top.”

“Wow! What about Darius?”

“That little tree was his.”

“Poor thing! Didn’t he protest?”

“Loud and long. But he shut up after I threatened to expel him from the gang.”


“Might is right, right? We had tons of fun, running wild, pulling pigtails, unclipping the washing, sneaking into kitchens, until…”


“They caught us sharing biryani from Syed’s home.”

“What happened?”

“In an instant a mob gathered. The screams and the smell of burning flesh still haunt my dreams.”

“What happened to the others?”

“I dared not ask. What if they weren’t as lucky?”


Once again I am trying my hand at What Pegman Saw – a story in 150 words utilizing Google Maps. This week Pegman took us to Portland ND. To read the other stories inspired by this prompt click here.

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