SPF: Holidays!




(Words: 187)

“Why do I have to always sit in the middle,” Molly grumbled.

“Because you are the middler!” Pia giggled.

“There’s no such word.” Rohan sneered.

“There is!”

“There isn’t!”

“Middler is a word isn’t it Mom?”

“Are you hungry?” Mom handed out sandwiches.

“I don’t like tomatoes.”

“Eat it up. It’s good for you.”

“Yech! You dropped it all over me.”

“I did not!”

“You did! Mom will you look at her?” Molly called.

“Here use this tissue to clean it up.”

“Mom look! Rohan is stealing my samwich.”

“Eat up quickly then.” Mom turned to glare at Rohan.

“Mom are we there yet?”

“But we just left home dear.”

“I need to go.”


“I am thirsty.”

“Not now.”

“How much longer?”

“Another 8 hours.”

“Why is it so far away?”

“If you go to sleep, we’ll reach faster.”

“Can I have Pooh-bear? I can’t sleep without Pooh.”

“It’s in the green bag. Would you take it out from the boot of the car?” Mom asked Dad.

“The green bag?” Molly asked.

“Yes.” Mom looked at Molly. “Why?”

“But we left that on the dining table.”


Quote of the day: There is no such thing as fun for the whole family – Jerry Seinfield

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