The Denouement

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The Denouement


“Shouldn’t you be on the Mumbai flight?” Angel asked.

Laksh shrugged. “A brief detour.”

“Weren’t you dying to meet your sister?” Angel was still smarting. Just my luck – one decent guy in the batch and I look like his sister.

“You can resuscitate me.” Her heart fluttered. If only.

It was a fun flight back to Delhi. At least they were friends.

“Bye.” Angel said.

“Thanks for your company.”

Despite herself, Angel blushed. His eyes were warm. Too warm.

“My Namaste to Didi.” She reminded herself.

“Drop me at the Departure gate?”

Angel stared.

“By the way, I am an only child.”


 Words: 102

Written for the Friday Fictioners (flash fiction in 100 words or less) hosted by Rochelle – thanks 🙂 For amazing stories on this prompt, click here.

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FFftAW #71: Crush(ed)

photo-20160620054715745 As Angel entered the library, her pace slowed and her breath quickened. She cast a quick glance at the corner seat. It was empty.

“Cheer up! Your crush will soon be here.” Divya teased.

My crush?” Angel sneered. “I couldn’t care less.”

“There comes Laksh.” Divya grinned. “Your fan is cute.”

Feeling her color rise, Angel sat down and opened her books.

She sensed his eyes on her but she kept hers determinedly lowered. Until curiosity overpowered her. She looked up to find his eyes trained on her – an intense yet pleading look in them.

Embarrassed, she gathered her books and trotted off.

To her horror, Laksh followed her. “Wait!” he caught up with her just outside the door.

Red-faced, heart thudding Angel wondered what she would say if he came clean about his crush – dared she also…

“Excuse me?” She stared.

“I said I am sorry I didn’t mean to stare. You look exactly like my elder sister, a mother to me, miss her so much…”


Words: 167

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Written for the FFfAW – 71st challenge (100 – 175 words). Thank you Priceless Joy for hosting it and TJ Paris for the photo prompt. Click here for awesome stories on this prompt.

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FFftPP # 24: A Dino Tale



A Dino Tale

“MOM! Look what I found.” Dev ran inside.

“Yuck! What a mess!” Khushi dragged him off for a scrub.

“Why did you throw it? It was a T. rex bone!”

“No it wasn’t. It’s too small for a T. rex!”

“It was his finger bone.”

Khushi ruffled his hair. “You certainly have a T. rex bone in your head.”

“Really?” Deva’s eyes shone. “Oh I wish I was all T. rex bone.” He loped around howling and snarling.

Khushi couldn’t help laughing. “But remember, T. rex don’t eat Maggi.”

“Then I will be a Brontosaurus.” Dev decided.

“More like Maggisaurus!”

Deva gave a whoop and chanted. “Yay! I am Maggisaurus!”

What the hell Aman! Can’t you ever do anything right?”

Dev froze and stared at Khushi. She smiled at him reassuringly.

“Mom,” he lowered his voice, “I think Daddy is a T. rex.”

Khushi’s lips twitched. “Really? You think so.”

He nodded. “Yes. He especially likes to chew on Aman Uncle.”

Khushi snorted. And me.

“Where’s Chotti?”

“Sleeping. Why?”

“Better keep her away from Daddy.”

“I thought you loved Daddy?”

“I do. He is T. rex! But I love Chotti too.” He paused. “Mostly.


Words 200

Written for the Flash Fiction for the purposeful practitioner (200 words or less). For amazing stories click here

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Ek Jashn Yahan Bhi


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