SPF: Dead Meat


“Hi! The whole gang here?”

“Just about.”

“Who’s getting the booze?

“Vijay is supposed to get it from the Army canteen. It’s real cheap over there.”

“Great! But where is he?”

“Talk of the Devil. You are late!”

“Yeah sorry.” Vijay slunk in.

All eyes turned to him. “Did you get the booze?”

Vijay flushed. He shook his head.

A groan rose.

“Why not?” asked Raghav the aggressive and rather bloodthirsty kinds. “You said you would. We gave you the money too.” He looked suspiciously at him. “Did you keep it for yourself?”

“Err, not exactly.”

Raghav grabbed Vijay by the collar.

Aman, the peacemaker, jumped in. “Relax Rags. Vijay, tell us what happened.”

“I bought the booze.” Vijay said. “I was on the way here when I saw Dad coming.”

“Major Rawat?!” The boys chorused. “What did you do?”

“I hid the bottle in the bushes.”

“Good thinking.” Relieved, the boys laughed.

“I thought so too.” Vijay looked glum. “Dad didn’t suspect anything and I walked on ahead with him.

The boys stared. “Didn’t you go back and collect the bottle?”

“I did. But…I couldn’t find the bush where I hid the bottle.”


Words: 196

Written for the Sunday Photo Fiction (less than 200 words). For awesome stories on this prompt, click here.

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