FFftPP #25: Nemesis




“Why did you buy the parrot?” Mita waited until her husband had finished his dinner. “Another mouth to feed. More work.”

“How much will she eat? I thought the children would like her.” Deep said.


“She’s no ordinary bird. She can talk. And her name is Muniya.” Deep’s face glowed.

“But…I…we can’t call her that!”

“We can call her Ma and the children – Dadi. It will be like before, as if mother was back home.” He folded his hands in gratitude.

“But Ma left for Kashi. What will she think when she comes back?”

“I understand your hope Mita!” Deep sighed, “but we have to be realistic. It’s been two years since she disappeared. I went so many times to Kashi to look for her but…” His eye fell on Muniya. He brightened. “Ma.” he crooned. “How have you been Ma?”

“Don’t ask Deepu. Don’t ask.”

Deep started, exchanging glances with Mita.

“Ma! What happened?”

“Ask your wife.”

Mita gave a shriek and fell back.

“Ask Mita? But what?”

“How she killed me.”

Words: 175. Written for the Flash Fiction for the Purposeful Practitioner. For other stories, click here

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