Ek Jashn Yahan Bhi


EDIT 4: Fans of IPKKND please visit From DM’s Desk for more recent updates and developments 😉

EDIT 5: If you don’t mind a bit of fun, enjoy spoofs please visit  Khulasa Times for some of Khulasa Mami’s rants and rambles.

Hello to all fans of IPK.

As you all know, Ek Jashn is out and I guess many of you would love to air your views – like the good old days.big grin So taking a cue from vks, here is the perfect opportunity to speak up. And the good news is – to comment you dont need to provide your email ID. batting eyelashes

So what are you waiting for – get those fingers to dance on the keyboard – Happy days are here again. I wonder if Khulasa mami could be tempted to wake up from her stupor. thinking

EDIT 1: I have only recently come to realize that some of you are still reading Silver Streaks. I am indeed very touched – thank you. While I cannot at this juncture promise a resurrection of SS but perhaps I can (and indeed have been) be inspired to write a few flash fiction which I will link up to this page as and when I post them. Hope you like and do leave me a note – that works wonders as encouragement and inspiration 🙂

EDIT 2: This Post seems to be pretty popular for some reason! I wish I knew what you as a reader was searching for. Anyway, yielding to the (diverse – mostly internal) calls, I have started another Page – From DM’s Desk where all stories based on IPK/SS will be indexed.Two more have been added recently.

So if you havent read them already, please hop over there for a bit of fun and chitchat – as always I look forward to your comments and reactions.




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12 thoughts on “Ek Jashn Yahan Bhi”

  1. I for one was very disappointed that the lead character – Hari Prakash – had changed. Can’t help but remember and miss the wooden HP as he interrupted a fired up Arshi after their coffee-chai war…

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  2. ASR has become tamed Khushi and Khushi has become ASR with all the What The’s!!!!.
    I totally drooled over BS who looked like this Sweet Punjabi Munda and was waiting eagerly for ASR to come out of him. Will wait and hope to see if he comes out in the next episode.

    Till then I am going to go back to continue doing what I do for my daily dosage or shot , whatever you call it- Drool over my ASR in SS.

    Thank God for that story Dahlia!

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  3. Totally ‘what the’ episode! Unbelievable! ASR has been butchered and mangled beyond recognition. And what is this business of gift wrapping – remember the post Rakhi gifts for KKGSR? Everything came packed. 8 episodes main 2 episodes dedicated to ‘main toh arati utaroon ray jay jay KKGSR ki’ and of course uske mandir main chadawa 😛


  4. I missed your index and hence didn’t know what was so obvious, you have write quite a lot of our beloved couple. I’ll reading them very soon and you will be hearing from me even sooner.

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