Celebrating Woman Power

I have traveled a lot in North India and the one thing that strikes me while passing through small towns and villages is the absence of women on the streets. A few girls maybe seen here and there in groups either on the way or back from school. But mostly it is as if they don’t exist. In bigger cities, they are visible on the streets they are largely absent as a community working class.

On my recent visit to the South I was exhilarated to see women everywhere. At the hotel reception, as waitresses, guards, vendors etc. This particular stall caught my eye:

Nuts.jpgA mound of delicious tender coconuts for the thirsty walker. A common sight now in the North as well. But what I hadn’t seen was a woman wielding the scythe and that too with such ease and expertise.

ScytheI finally managed to get her to look up, if not at the camera

SmileThe little boy on his own trip is just an added bonus 😀


A bunch of flowers for all you wonderful people out there. No, not in celebration of Women’s Day for I plan to celebrate when there is no need for a Women’s Day.

Have a great day and make my day – leave me a note, a hello, a smiley 🙂

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18 thoughts on “Celebrating Woman Power”

  1. The photo with the little boy in the background is really fabulous. Great shot!
    One of the things I recall was so surprising to us in India, was how often we saw woman labourers in fields, on the side of streets, carrying heavy bricks, rocks and huge pans of materials. Always with grace and beautiful bright colors.

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  2. You see this is East Africa vs West Africa as well. There are more women on the streets, women engage more in all forms of civic and economic life of the country, and are sexually more open and in control as well in East Africa the way they appear to be in South India. The two Indias, South and North, can easily be different countries.

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  3. non è “festa della donna” ma è commemorazione e ricordo di una tragedia, se c’è però un momento di amore per tutte le donne,ben venga insieme al rispetto e alla difesa dei loro diritti
    un bacio

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  4. Ahhh, women power!! Great observation!! Love her smile… a strong, independent and confident woman!! Exactly, I second you on ‘Women’s Day’!!!

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  5. I missed this one somehow!
    I am surprised that in North there are hardly many women vendors. I have been in south ever since I was born, our phoolwali, doodwali sometimes as her husband mr. Doodwala was busy, sabjiwali… Only for nariyal Paani I have not seen a woman vendor. It’s easy to haggle and bargain when you are shopping. You say akka pls reduce the price a bit and it works. 😉

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    1. Good that I found a naariyal paani lady for you to complete the circle 😀 Actually I found two! I was terribly impressed. Appreciate your comments 🙂


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