Commitment Checklist

Continuing from an earlier post on Borrowed Advice and inspired by a heartbreaking piece I came up with a tentative checklist on questions to ask oneself before going in for a lifelong commitment:

  • Will I still love you when you are too tired for a movie but not a booze party?
  • Will I still love you when you catch a cold and demand 24-hr nursing care?
  • Will I still love you when you insist on trekking with an 11-month baby?
  • Will I still love you when your job is more important than mine?
  • Will I still love you when you have eyes only for your phone screen?
  • Will I still love you when your family is my family but mine is not yours?
  • Will I still love you when you are sullen, surly, cranky, moody, and grouchy?
  • Will I still love you when you are bald and fat?
  • Will I still love you when you break my heart over and over again?
  • Will I love you still?
  • Will I?

Thanks for reading. Feel free to add your own questions…

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14 thoughts on “Commitment Checklist”

  1. Will I still love you if you keep blogging 24×7 ? 😉
    I think this would be a better question : will I still be able to love you in the same way I did before you cheated on me? (I see quite a few couple trying to get back after one of them ends an extra marital affair) getting back does include a lot of trust. 😊

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    1. Wow. I am impressed. No not at the line (an excellent additiion btw) but that u ‘know” quite a few couples like this! I clearly belong to another era or have tiny circle😁🌹


      1. Know matlab newspaper mein pada tha 😛 most of my “friends” are not in contact after getting married. They are so engrossed in their own world 😂😂 there was some news a couple of months ago about people being cool with swapping spouses and all that. Last week too, there was an article about something similar.

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  2. Some pertinent questions those are…and the list could just get longer😜…But wonder if it would make sense to a young bride who is going to take the plunge the first time

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  3. I truly wish i wud have read this piece eleven years back maybe things wud have been different…but yes i think a young bride needs to learn her lessons on her own but this piece is like a reflective mirror suggesting you to see this before time runs off, thank you Dhalia for making us wiser day by day, your small medicines work a lot…

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