Hunched over

A spread-eagled rat

I unraveled

Was it the chloroform,

Old Spice

Or you?

Clearly I am re-unraveling 😉 Go on say it, I am waiting for the axe to fall 😀 

Photo credit: Svkuki 



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15 thoughts on “Undone”

      1. Sometimes it might look like I am just waiting for you to post so that I can comment. But it is not so. 🙋
        Actually I do like old spice. I don’t know how choloform smells like, never tried. 😂
        And the last part, *coughs* not available yet.

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      2. 🙋You could have fooled me 😂😂 And did you have to destroy my illusions – that somebody was waiting for me to post? If not my twin, then who? Keep coughing, who knows, it may just work for you as well 😂😂😂


      3. Na, if I cough a lot, that someone I meet will be a doctor who would say ‘rekha, here’s some medicine for that cough’. Doctor-patient relations are strictly only on medical terms, not on romantic terms. 😂😂😂
        Who said I don’t wait for your posts?? 😲😲 I comment because I want to, 💖💖 I meant I don’t comment to spam. Sorry my bad in not being clear. Sprite nahi piya toh SAB kuch clear nahi hai. 😂😂😂

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  1. Oh my, my…. what do I see? My eyes just popped out when I saw the pic… the precious crochet thread and the familiar Red Heart name…. bahut pyar hone laga tumpe ❤ Then I read the credit and was laughing…. hahaha!!!
    Very soon, my brain will be in that phase 😉 …. after all the unraveling I do 😉
    Well done, Dhalia … lovely!! It's not the chloroform, nor Old Spice nor me… but my threads, hahaa 😉 😉 😉
    But I can't believe my unraveled threads are evoking such thoughts in you….hmmmm!!!!

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    1. Surely it’s your threads! I had a tough time hunting it out from my massive photo bank but I was sure I had it somewhere 😀 I did wonder whether you would recognize it or not because I cropped it and enlarged it – but then you play with them so much that you probably know them blindfolded 😀


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