#QOGUIN Series

Hello and welcome to my new venture – #QOGUIN Series.

Puzzled? Curious? Interested? Intrigued? Well I hope so! Anyway here’s the thing, while shifting houses I seem have to misplaced my muse. Probably off on a vacation which I deserve – but then there’s no rest for the wicked. And since I cannot seem to stay away from blogging either so I hit upon a compromise. I can finally hatch an idea that I have been incubating for quite some time – share some Quirky Odd Good Ugly Intriguing News from all over the world. Perhaps some stuff thrown in from around my tiny world as well.

So, are you game?

I’m not sure if it is going to be a weekly, monthly or even a regular feature. Ahh well we’ll cross that bridge when we get to it right? Hey, here’s an idea? Why don’t you join in? Surely you have something non-fictional to share? Just make a post and drop your link here whenever you’re ready – no rush, no rules. And to prove that I would like to make an earlier post A Salute to the Wall as the first in the series 😀 And all the other positive news that I may have posted earlier, will hunt them out and list them in a dedicated Page.

Today’s article for this series is on underage driving which, as most of us are aware more often than not lead to disastrous consequences. Children, especially in certain Indian Metros are notorious for going off on jaunts, motor racing and stunts late at night and are a danger not only to themselves but also the others. Fed up with repeated unfortunate and countless such incidents, in 2015 the traffic police in Bengaluru threatened to imprison and confiscate driving licenses of parents of underage children caught driving. In fact, scores of parents were booked. But they got off after paying a fine. Finally last month, the Hyderabad police cracked down on errant parents and arrested 69 such irresponsible parents of these daredevil (I’m willing to bet) boys.

This bit of news gave me a lot of cheer and hope. I now wait for the day when parents of daughters who commit suicide and are forced to suffer atrocities at their in-laws are also arrested.

If you wonder at my extreme reaction, perhaps you might like to read my article on Bride Burning, a call to action and my long running fictional piece (most of which is drawn from real-life) – Moonshine.

Thank you for visiting, I am happy to play hostess after a long time 🙂 Do let me know your thoughts and look forward to reading anything interesting – the good the bad the ugly – that you may have to share.

Have a wonderful weekend.

You never change things by fighting the existing reality. To change something, build a new model that makes the existing model obsolete. -R. Buckminster Fuller

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22 thoughts on “#QOGUIN Series”

  1. Count me in 😀 I too wish they arrest those who treat their daughters as an unwanted child and marry them off so as to lessen their ‘burden’. Maybe someday they will bring out a rule.
    So, off I go to seearch something quirky 😀 after all, quirky is my middle name 😂

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  2. I heard that driving in India is very bad, that people drive however they like. Good to hear there’s been a crackdown on underage driving, and it impacts so many people.

    Hope moving went well. Maybe have a burger treat. I had two burgers this week 🍔🍟🍔😁

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    1. India is great like that – everyone is free to do as they like 😀 😉 We’ve moved and my nerves are all shaken up and refusing to settle down and pen something. Rebellious lot 😦


      1. I used to envy Bangalore weather so much but there’s so much of other bad stuff now. But I do love the trees over there – trademark thick short trunks which suddenly branch out 😀

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  3. Young Kids are same all over the world. It is the excitement of the forbidden. In UK too they go on joyrides with disastrous results.They do terrible injuries to the victims as well as themselves if they survive the crash.
    You are right the parents should also be arrested when their married daughters commit suicide or murdered. Most parents know that their daughter is abused and tortured in their sasural but they ignore it until the inevitable happens and then they cry blue murder and wants justice for their daughters.
    Have a good day Dahlia.

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