Lessons from Life

Life is probably the best teacher of all. If only we could learn from the lessons that are dished out to us in one form or the other throughout our lives. Yet all we focus on are how well we (or our children) perform in school and what grades we (they) get and forget to educate them. Like how Mark Twain put it -“I have never let my schooling interfere with my education.”

Just take the case of the baby giraffe for instance – they never go to school. And the moment they are born, they get the most important and probably the toughest lessons of their life. The moment she is born, she is welcomed into this world by a kick from her mother. And if the newborn survives this, chances are that nothing in life will ever faze her. Read more about the baby giraffe’s first brush with her mom and life in general here.

Perhaps it is time to take a lesson or two from the mother giraffe — no no I didn’t mean for you to kick them 😉 Just not mollycoddle and shield them too much from life’s harsh realities.

Here’s to better learning from life’s lessons -may our education never end.Wonder if there is anything to be learned from Chapter 30 and Calvin. It’s actually his Dad this time 😛 Calvin’s mom does have a point doesn’t she? 😉

Thought for the day: Sometimes the best helping hand you can get is a good, firm push:- Joann Thomas

I would be happy to get a firm push or two but I guess all are busy with school work and exams.

Ahh well, all said and done, grades do matter…

Best of luck to the exam goers and even more importantly, their beleaguered parents.

Hum intezaar karenge – aur option bhi kya hai 😉

Until next time.

PS: As usual I forgot the Blog Index

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5 thoughts on “Lessons from Life”

  1. Hello Dahlia,
    Thanks — I’ve seen a lot of helicopter parenting recently, and am a firm believer of the German system of not sending children to school till age 6 or 7, and till then having them play and giving them different experiences.

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  2. Lol!…no wonder Calvin is sooooo “Calvin”…it’s in his genes 🙂
    DMji…hope the mother Giraffe didn’t get the kick back from her offspring when it was able to do so.. in our world we have instances where it happens even though there were no b’day kick from the mother :)…jokes apart, loving the way you are educating us…Lage raho!
    Was thinking of a jhappi…not a firm push…

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