Living a Lie

Mt Pilatus

Through swirling mists

I followed you

on faith alone.

When the haze lifted

I reached out and

blindfolded myself


This is another unexplored genre for me. What do you think? Did it make sense? Is the format all wrong? 

In response to the Daily Post’s one-word prompt – Blindly

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26 thoughts on “Living a Lie”

      1. Aww thank you – but this just happened. I agonized over it before dumping it on an unsuspecting audience 😀 🙋😀 I was following Kalidas’ example in reverse


      2. I don’t know what is kalidas’ example nor its reverse 😂😂
        But that was something which each one can relate to in life, when we blindly trust someone or something/ then we realise the truth. 😲😀😀

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  1. Sometimes words cant say what you feel after reading something…after incidences, after life after death yet they fail you if you are seeing something, speechless as you say….

    Thank you for the fullfillment….
    Keep rising!

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  2. It took me a while to comprehend what you meant…and then reading Thomas’ words made everything clearer 😀 So, I suppose sometimes we chose not to see because then we won’t have too many expectations…and take whatever comes our way for what it is. Brilliantly written, and that is quite a bit of fog 😀

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    1. I think all too often we deliberately choose not to see because the truth hurts and it’s easier to live in a make-believe world. Appreciate your reading and making the effort to wade through the fog 😀


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