Haiga # 5


you and I

are no longer


You have a new soulmate

while I have found


A/N You may think this is the same photo as in the previous haiga but this one has three birds – can you see? At first I saw only two but just before posting I noticed the third in the bushes giving the picture a twist. And I had to redraft the ‘poem’ – how was it by the way?

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13 thoughts on “Haiga # 5”

  1. This picture and the write up speak volumes altogether, If you have found yourself irrespective of the choice you have conquered eveything you need to live…mirror refecting a different picture that was only a drawing room decor, zooming in helps a lot…the piece has ended up showing hope under all circumstances, thank you.


    1. Actually I think haiga is a picture followed by a simple poem usually haiku or tanka. This isnt haiku or tanka but I think it may be called a haiga.


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