CB&W: Buildings from Home

Hola! How’s the weekend progressing? I know Cee’s Black and White Challenge on Buildings is over but I did warn you I had loads more. Although I have to admit nobody asked for more photographs. But then again I have a generous nature and an active ESP – I can hear your clamor, nay, demand for more photos 😉 😀

So here goes – but this time all from India but yet another eclectic mix. Hope you like 🙂

VillageAfter the massive and high rise buildings in the previous post I thought it was time to get closer to the ground – a village in the north east.

KolA deserted run down house in the suburbs of Kolkata

GangtokI was attempting to capture the view of Gangtok but the mist obstructed my view. But all I got was a makeshift school and an under construction building

LighthouseA defunct lighthouse (alongside a hopefully working street lamp) in Puducherry

AmerAn outsider view of the Amer Fort, Jaipur – it was dusk and you will have to peer to make out anything 😀

City palacePhew this is one is better – isnt it? It is the City Palace at Jaipur.

HutTired from all that zipping around the country? Take a breather in this thatched shady place built just for this purpose. Although I have my doubts if it can be called a building 😉

GopuramI have shared several photos of the gopurams of the Chidambaram temple. This the first black and white version. Which one do you like better?

MpuramA 7th century cave dwelling built along side the more famous and one of world’s largest bas-relief monolith known as Arjuna’s Penance at Mammalapuram.

ShoreTJust a little ahead, in Mammalapuram near the Bay of Bengal, is the Shore temple built with blocks of granite. It was built between 700–728 AD. It was barely dawn and apart from us, there was a group of boys who were busy clicking pics. But there was one who stayed away from the group despite their active efforts to make him join them. He preferred to sit alone and mope. Can you see him? Right in the center, sitting and brooding – I do hope he is fine now.

AurovilleMatri Mandir or the meditation center at Auroville

HawaThe famous Hawa Mahal of Jaipur, the Pink City


Whew that felt like one of my long pieces – where I never know when to stop or how to stop. Here the cup of tea acted as the perfect reminder – so I am off while you leave me a little note or a smiley or whatever else you are keen to throw my way – have a super weekend!

And just in case there are any Khulasa Mami friends - she's been at it again.