APWC: Yellows

This week for the A Photo A Week challenge Nancy wants us to focus on the color Yellow. You may have noticed that I have developed a liking for yellow (see this post here) and rifling through my archives I found loads more yellows. Here they come – first the flowers


Yellow roses taken at dusk


FL1A bunch of yellow flowers – what are they called? Anyone? Rekha…


Exoctic flowers on display at a flower show – nope dunno their names either 😦

Darjeeling fl

Multi-colored flowers but you will admit yellow is the dominant color!

BoatingAs it is here where my niece and nephew go for a yellow boat ride 🙂

ScoobieScoobie is thrilled with his new yellow blanket

BrideThe radiant bride on the morning of her wedding 🙂


And a specially yellow-winged green tinged butterfly just for you 😉

Thanks for visiting – have a super day!

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