The Sneaky One

This week I am again off on my favorite hobby – stalking trees 😀 Just as a recap and in case you are not a regular visitor to this blog, just a couple of weeks ago, amaltas were in full bloom (CFFC: Golden Garden).p4

This particular showstopper opted for an all gold look. And just as quickly, she was back to her sedate greenery in about two weeks time.

20170529_181941But when I ventured for a closer look this weekend, look what I found nestling within the folds of her pleats leaves.

FrontGolden danglers!



tough times –

he lives off her



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30 thoughts on “The Sneaky One”

  1. Lovely 😍 I have just one question.. how come the car is at the same place? 😂😉😛Looks like the car guy hardly uses it

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      1. I look at trees and remember you Dahlia. But I park my car under a tree and wonder if the branch will fall on the windshield.. Shudder hehehe. But I agree trees are wonderful

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      2. Sometimes they wash up all over my car too! And once a monkey fell on the car denting the top. And psst actually even a branch broke off and fell on the car boot. But then she’s special and can’t move – unlike the car 😉 Appreciate your taking time to share your thoughts 🙂

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  2. Love the gold danglers, i aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaammmmmm a show stopper, he can live off from that gold the rest of his life…..lovely ……thank you

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  3. I have the same habit stalking trees and gazing at buildings but it doesnt result in awesome clicks. The last one made me remember a same kind of tree I passed daily on my way to school when I was young and I use to think it has yellow grapes and wanted
    to taste them 😁 my cousin would tell me that he once had and its called ‘golden grapes from heaven’ and only very few people are chosen by God to taste these. 😂 He’s quite a storyteller.

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    1. 😂 you cousin sounds like my brother, always pulling my leg. It’s funny but I never looked at trees or anything else for decades. It’s only now that I have raised my head from my books and begun to appreciate the beauty all around us. Perhaps your time hasnt come yet 🙂

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      1. Sometimes it hits you unexpectedly, doesn’t it? When I see something beautiful, I can’t help but marvel how beautiful our planet is and how I won’t be able to see even half of it in my small human life. (Ah, existential crisis :D)

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  4. Amaltas is also called Indian laburnum. In the UK we have English laburnum which has a bunch of smaller flowers and seeds are poisonous. I think Amaltasare used in Ayurvedic medicine.

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