CB&W: A Musical Story

Cee’s black and white photo challenge theme for last week was Music. I am worse than late this week, but in my defense it’s been a super busy week plus I was traveling. Hunting through my archives I could find only one photo, which fit the bill. Ironical since my house is littered with musical instruments – guitar, Mohan veena, sitar, piano, tabla and I distinctly remember buying a mouth organ too.

Before you get the wrong idea I must add that I am quite tone-deaf but my son has the ‘feel’ for music – and I think he plays very well. 🙂 Well no, I am not really being partial – he won a music scholarship during his school days. But what I really wanted to share with you was the way he was introduced to music. Since I am not really musically inclined, I would have never thought of pushing him towards music. But fate has a way of taking the right turns and sort of forcing your hand.

When my son was about seven years old, he suddenly turned obsessive about me. It was winter days and it would get dark by 5 pm. Quite all of a sudden, he started calling me up at the office demanding that I come home immediately. Once he even dragged his octogenarian grandfather to the campus gate to escort me home. I tried to get to the bottom of the matter and set up a minor grilling session.

I saw the glimmerings of light when he muttered, “Bad things happen in car parks.”

Darn it – that’s what comes out of encouraging children to read the newspaper.

Some urgent damage control was needed so I began hunting for some suitable distraction. But what? I had not time to take him anywhere for anything. It would have to be something at home.

“Would you like to learn music?” I asked having bumped into a music teacher at a friend’s house.

He wore a thoughtful look. “Does he have a mustache?”

Of all the things!

“Hmm. Not sure. I think so.”

“Okay.” He went back to his comic. “But only if he has a mustache.”

musicI wonder if these guys have mustaches?

Or more importantly did they have any such preconditions before they started learning music 😀 How about you – do you know of any one with peculiar preconditions to do doing something? Do share 🙂

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12 thoughts on “CB&W: A Musical Story”

  1. Aaah! now I see where did the inspiration for a little Deva worrying for Khushi came from 🙂 that was so cute (and at the same time saddening – considering the conditions which leads to the worrying)..
    I remember you also used the incident – your brother’s demand for non-veg and asking your mother ‘but who will cook?’ when she asked him to eat her 😀 – as a scene between Deva and Khushi..
    By the way, the moustache demand was hilarious 😀 lol..

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    1. Yes Deva was completely inspired by my son and other kids in d family. They are/were very entertaining and couldnt resist entwining them into d story. If u remember i did confess ( in most places) that they were inspired by real incidents. I am impressed u remember and somewhat chagrined that i dont!


    1. Haha good question! He was brought up on an ad libitum diet of Amar Chitra Kathas and I think he was a tad bit more impressed with the macho Asuras rather than the wimpy Devas always going crying to the Tridevs for assistance. Plus his father and mama had mustaches…but of course I need to check with him 😀

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