CFFC: Crawl or Fly

Cee’s fun foto challenge this week (I am determined not to be late!) is all about Crawling or Flying.

So let’s see what I managed to dig out this week. 😉

crawl-caveCrawling through the limestone caves.

truck-crawlA truck inching its way on to a ferry

tractorI just love this tractor which haunts our campus. There’s something about it – the shiny bright blue contrasting with the rusty trailer as it rumbles sedately lugging something or the other or as it waits patiently to be loaded…no? Don’t much care for it?

shikaraI am sure you would enjoy a leisurely shikara ride on the picturesque Dal lake, Srinagar. Hmm perhaps I have shared this photo before – time to fly 😉

road-flagFlying banners decorate the road

flagsMore colorful flags flying in the wind (and the green T-shirt guy’s hair too 😀

tree-legI saved this one for the last. Doesn’t the tree look as if she is going to leg it any moment?

Thanks for visiting and for letting me know your favorite 🙂

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15 thoughts on “CFFC: Crawl or Fly”

  1. LOL. I laughed at your captions, especially at the one where you said the green shirt guy’s hair was also gyrating in the wind with the other flags 😀 Does it get windy in India? I’m sure it does but perhaps not as frequent as here in Australia…we seem to be getting a lot of wind these days 😦

    That tractor photo is a great shot. Like your composition and it is like you are spying on it. I am sure it is up to good carrying things where they need to go… 🙂

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    1. India is a pretty huge country so one place may be windy and another not so much plus there is seasonal variation. This was in the Northeast – that day was pretty windy 😉 In Delhi we get the infamous ‘Loo’ winds in summer – dry hot and dusty killer winds straight from the desert. I am so glad you like the tractor – I am quite mesmerized with it and you are right about the spying bit 😀 I snapped it from my window 😉


      1. Sounds like different kinds of winds over there. The ‘Loo’ winds sound like desert winds and probably the best way to escape it is to stay indoors 😦 Maybe you will see the tractor again 😉

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  2. Awww, such a beautiful tree… I wonder about its history… how much it has crawled to find the sunlight for its growth 🙂 Crawling through the caves is really a fun experience!!

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  3. Loved the first and last picture .In the last picture, it looked as though the little tree has just crawled through the large tree trunk.As a child, I remember crawling through all sorts of things, hollow tree trunks. huge water pipes. Often disturbing little creatures living or resting there. I shudder to think what I got up to in my wild days.

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