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The Veiled Rebecca depicts the veiled bride of Isaac. Created by the Italian artist Giovanni Benzoni, it stands at a height of 167.0 cm with the statue and its round pedestal carved from a single block of marble without any joints.


Another closer view of the stunning work of art. How he managed to create the appearance of a transparent veil from marble is beyond my comprehension. I cannot even remove the reflection of the light 😦


Benzoni is believed to have made four copies of this sculpture, one of which is kept at the Salar Jung Museum Hyderabad. I am sure he was so stunned by his own creation that he wanted to make sure it was no fluke or magic!  Apparently, the only difference between this and the other three is that in this one the right hand is lifting the veil while in the other it is the left hand.

Did you notice the fingers in this picture and the one above? In one it seems as it the fist is sort of clenched but in the other, the fingers seem to be unfurled. Quite magical don’t you think?

I could stare at it whole day long – the flowing robes, the posture, the poise, the grace, the fluidity of stone, the….

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The Story Club for this month is overdue. If anyone is interested, please suggest a story, otherwise I would like to propose ‘The Kabuliwala‘ by Rabindranath Tagore. I hope to post my review over the weekend. I would be happy if you join the discussion.

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