Just 4 Fun # 25

It’s been a long day, so without any further ado let’s get down to some serious relaxation 😉


I would like to add one more to the list – after the 14missed calls when he does pick up the phone, he disconnects after listening to one of the 14 points she wanted to make 😉 😀

Has that ever happened with you? It happens with both my son and husband. They invariably disconnect before I finish speaking – especially if I am giving instructions.

phoneYeah right – that will be the day!

ecgWhy just for men? Works for me as well. What say gals? 😀


Who swallows a paracetamol by mistake? I have swallowed many a headache though 😉


Here’s hoping we all find the right balance in our lives on this Valentine’s day:)


Hope you liked these photos, none of which are mine by the way. I received all of them as shares and am just keeping the fun going. If you have something to share, please leave your link and I will be along in just a bit.

Have a super week and don’t forget to have some fun, regardless…

Bindi Tree

Photo (c) Punit Kaur

In India, trees are very much revered and it is a common sight to see the Banyan tree or the Bodhi tree entwined with red strings. But this particular tree covered with bindis is a rare sight and one that I have never seen before. This tree stands outside the Koteshawar temple, Kutch in Gujarat. The temple overlooks the Arabian Sea and is the western-most Shiva temple of India.

Bindis are traditionally red in color and round in shape. Married women wear them on the center of the forehead as a symbol of their marital status. Married women put a bindi on this tree to ensure the long life of her husband. I believe glass bangles are also offered to the tree. I hope to see it for myself one of these days, until then the photo will have to do 🙂

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