APWC: Zoom In

We recently visited the Golconda Fort near Hyderabad, India where we had glimpses and insights into the lives of people who lived centuries ago. Nancy’s A Photo A Week theme this week is of Details – exactly what I was looking for to showcase some of the interesting things we saw:)


This is the entrance to the Golconda Fort (of Kohinoor diamond fame). This path was meant for kings and nobles but our path lies elsewhere. Just alongside (on the left to be precise):


A view of the barracks where the soldiers were housed. Pretty barren and lackluster do you think? Let’s look around.

entranceThe entrance to the barracks – actually to be honest I took this photo because of the tree 😉


On the other side are the shelves for soldiers to keep their artillery and other stuff.

holder1See that protrusion with a hole? That was for holding flame torches for light.

holder2Another flame torch holder on the other side. The walls look rather bare and utilitarian don’t they? As I mentioned, this section was meant for soldiers. The Royalty didn’t much care for the fumes of the flame torches. Besides, the flames charred the walls which again offended their sensibilities. Hence they had other ideas.


The intricate decorations on the inner palace walls – which was originally diamond studded. A single candle was enough to light up the whole room.


The Royalty lived in luxury and left no stone unturned their comfort. This came to light when the walls broke revealing water pipes for carrying hot and cold water to the city and fortress built on a granite hill that is 120 meters (480 ft) high.

The water was heated in a wood furnace and pumped up using hand cranks. Phew!

Hope you enjoyed the detailed tour.

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