Blending In


Doesn’t she look as if she is trying to blend in with her surroundings? Or perhaps Nek Chand  arranged his sculptors to suit her woody nature.

For Becca’s Sunday Trees 273

WPC: Recreate

The theme for the Daily Post’s photo challenge this week is repurpose – recycling or re-purposing an object into a clever new use. Well to tell the truth, I am not clever enough to do anything of the sort. But I am clever enough to know and click works of amazing people who are expert at this art 😉

The first to come to mind is of course Nek Chand of Chandigarh’s world famous Rock Garden.

archwayAn arched path in the garden – notice the material it is made of?

archway2Broken light fixtures – ingenious isn’t it?

entranceAnother gateway – made of broken crockery

dollbangleDolls made of broken glass bangles. Married women wear colorful glass bangles particularly in North India. Nek Chand collected heaps of broken glass bangles and created not only rows and rows of dolls but also peacocks and other decorative items for his rock garden.

stoneMoving on, here’s a table lamp fashioned out of a piece of stone – beautiful isn’t it?

threadAnd finally, isn’t it fascinating how just a few colored strings can be re-purposed into almost anything in the hands of the right one – like that of the Officially Amazing Crochet Queen, Svkuki.

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CB&W: Look Down

For her latest black and white challenge, Cee wants us to focus on the Ground


A playground


A paved road on the campus


A view of the street in Kolkata


Stairway at the Rock Gardens Chandigarh


A bit of ground reality – Cellular Jail (aka Kala Pani or Death Waters) the colonial prison at Andaman and Nicobar Islands, India.


Baijnath (Lord Shiva) temple built around 1150 AD


And finally, some sound advice to keep your eyes on the ground 😉 😀

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As She Likes

As I like.jpg
At the Rock Gardens, Chandigarh

She looks quite the non-conformist free spirit doesn’t she? Just look at the crazy angles of her branches and one side green and the other bare.

For Becca’s Sunday Trees – 269

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WPC: Que Sera Sera

As the year draws to a close, the Daily Post’s Weekly Photo Challenge prompts us to reflect on our own path. When the year began, I had no inkling of what upheavals lay ahead. And the end of the year has thrown up another kind of twist. As I grapple with the events of the year gone by and consider the myriad developments that have occurred over the years, I can only say that:

clear-pathJust when you think the path ahead is clear and the world is at your feet

no-path you may find yourself floundering in the wilderness

tricky-pathor dogged by tricky paths and trails

rapidsand in the midst of turbulent times.

betaabvBut believe that sooner or later, things will settle down.

malabar Always keep the larger picture in mind, eyes on your destination or goal

mountainWhatever and wherever that might be.

woody-path-12Until then, count your blessings


stop to look at the flowers

sheepcherish those special moments

fighterwhile you hang in there.

“Morning will come, it has no choice” — Marty Rubin

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Here’s wishing you all a Wonderful, Happy New Year

The Bright One

Today it is terribly dull, dreary and overcast in Delhi, so I hunted for something fresh and  cheery 😀


Doesn’t she look happy and shaped a bit like a Christmas tree?

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays!

For Becca’s Sunday Trees – 267


CB&W: Hand Made

Cee’s Black and White photo challenge is all about things made by human beings. Interesting topic and quite spoiled for choice – for once 😉

Let me start by shedding some light on it:


Got your cup of tea? Okay let’s move on to the next one

Taj mahal.jpg

A replica of the Taj Mahal at the Delhi Airport – gift wrapped for Christmas 😀


And that’s the Taj Mahal Hotel at Mumbai – pretty imposing isnt it?


Just next to it is the Gateway of India, a monument which overlooks the Arabian Sea.

How did you like the collection? Too many structures right? Hmm even I think so – how about if I sneak in a tree?


Relax! I am not breaking any rules – this too is man made by the one and only Nek Chand, at the Rock Gardens, Chandigarh. I was quite fooled by it and took me quite a while to accept it wasn’t real or alive. What about you?

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CB&W: Geometrical Shapes

This photo challenge is a toughie – Any Geometric Shape. Especially given my mathematical abilities 😉 Let me see what I can come up with – Cee has promised to be lenient and hope you are too 😀


Will this do? Some unidentifiable remains of the Diwali celebrations. Oh well…




Drum circles resting before the Durga Puja festivities.


Howzz that?


This one in black and white gives nice (geometrically) eerie feelings doesn’t it? 😀


Some straight lines from the Rock Garden – remember Junk Art? Yep the very same place.

More from the Rock Garden – take your pick of geometrical shapes of triangles, squares, rectangles, pentagons and hexagons. Can you find them? 😉

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COB #45: Child’s Play


Boys! Give them some space and watch them bloom and glow 🙂 I loved (and envied) the innocent joy of just running after a ball – or perhaps it is the freedom of being let out of prison school.

Here’s a snap of the amphitheater without the children. Looks kind of desolate doesn’t it?


This amphitheater is situated at the other end of the Rock Garden at Chandigarh, India – featured in the post Junk Art and also The Bare One. The design and pattern of the amphitheater is crafted from an artistic arrangement of broken discarded pieces of tiles. I love the way the tree is part of the whole scene with the little one growing in the middle 🙂

Here’s a closer view of the kind of magic an artist can craft from junk.


Stunning work isnt it? My favorite was the grinning tiger 😀


Isn’t he cute? And his smile infectious?

Now if only I could do something half as creative with all the stuff at home lying about at home…

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The Bare One

At Chandigarh’s Rock Garden

If you are wondering what these figures are, check out Junk Art  – I am hopeful that you won’t regret it 🙂

For Becca’s Sunday Trees – 260 which completes 5 years today 👏👏👏

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