WPS: Why on Earth!

This is my entry to the flash fiction challenge What Pegman Saw inspired by any view of a given location on Google maps. The challenge is to write a story in 150 words or less.This week’s location is of Buffalo N.Y. suggested by Y. To read the other stories inspired by this prompt click here

screen-shot-2017-01-31-at-6-57-03-pmTo see the location Google maps, click here

Why on Earth!

Words 142

As I walked down the street, the roads lengthened, elongated, stretched and merged. Rows and rows of houses and not a person in sight.

Would I die of thirst in a foreign country?

Dare I knock on a door?

Where oh where did the one with streaked hair live? Surely she would spare me some…

I stilled.

Mesmerized I rubbed my eyes.

A clear blue lake with the faintest of ripples encased by the greenest of greens.

Parched, I stepped forward only to draw back in fright. Whoosh!

A massive black apparition emerged from the waters.

Shaking off the droplets and turning its curly horned head, the buffalo grinned at me, flapped its wings and took off into the sky.

Hmm, not a particularly graceful ascent, but definitely an interesting piece with a lot of movement, I thought just as I woke.


Thanks for reading – look forward to your reactions.

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12 thoughts on “WPS: Why on Earth!”

  1. so I almost woke up my spouse because this was an unexpected LAUGH!
    thanks for that.
    I never expected humor. for some reason, I was expecting a serious short fiction from ya –
    I studied the photo first – interested in the photo you picked. it was so typical Buffalo.
    then I pondered the fence posts that were missing the fence.
    and then your story unfolded…
    the striped hair was curious and then the humor and the dream.
    well another great part was to integrate the “buffalo” animal because that is in the name.
    when we hosted a foreign exchanged student – he asked how the heck there could be Buffalo wings….
    and well – your post reminded me of that.
    side note- there are a few theories about where the name Buffalo came from – and one that i like to believe has to do with immigrants settling there and calling the waterfront “buvflava” for “beauitful river”
    and the name unfolded from that – because the radiating streets in Buffalo pull away from the waterfront area, which was key to the success of the city way back when.

    and oh my goodness, still laughing at the part about the graceful ascent and you are seriously one of my top favorite blog writers – so good, DawD

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  2. 😀 So glad you liked it Y! The story wrote itself in 10 minutes flat – I sat on it for a couple of days just to be sure 😉 Actually some time ago I did have an interesting dream featuring you and I meant to mail you about it but then it sort of slithered away. When I saw the photo it all sort of clicked together – I guess all those art classes and haunting your blog paid off 😀 I had a blast penning this one and thrilled that it unfolded the way I wanted it to – all the bits, the hair, buffalo, wings, ascent and movement – Thank you for being you 🙂


  3. Haww!..hope the gradual ascent stopped with the opening up of the eyes or else would give a tough competition to the great crowned Lady bearing the torch :D….wonderful imagination!

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