CFFC: Roped!

This time Cee has us me jumping through hoops rope. Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge is all about Jumping Rope or Skipping Rope as we call it. I rifled through my collection and found this


Hmm, a bit boring and too literal don’t you think? I decided to take Cee’s advice and use my imagination and have tons of fun 😉

So here we go rope hunting 😀


There that looks better doesn’t it? Lots of ropes over there – boats tethered to the barge, buckets dipped into the Ganga for drawing water…


Lots of ropes hanging from the tree


And this one quite literally ‘roped’ herself to her partner – bonded for life without any rituals or customs.


Raw material being carted to make ropes. But my favorite one is


Loved this image right outside my window of how the kid ‘roped’ in his grandad for a stroll out in the winter Sun 😀


Thanks for dropping by  – do let know which one you liked best.

For readers of Moonshine, here's Chapter 108 and Calvin and Hobbes

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23 thoughts on “CFFC: Roped!”

  1. I like the first one best – and was admiring it for a while – partly because as I scrolled on a small screen today (out and about) I was trying not figure out what the water was – I almost thought it was surface area of rope (in macro) and then the water led down to the iron chain, dock, rope, and posts- the enlongated composition was tasty good – a feeling of strength too. Also, wonder what would be tied up here and so a feeling of a journey was there.
    I also love the trees and ropes you found there – the tightly wound partners (no pre-numps) was interesting …
    And the green push bike – so cute

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    1. Thank you Y for your lovely comment – there was something in the thick chains of solid strength of the comforting kind. I confess I took the photo because of the chains and the rope was an irritation a blot so I felt it was sorta cheating to use it for the Rope challenge 😀

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      1. Well it was Perfect in my opinion.
        And I guess I have a Christmas carol story in my mind too – “the chains I forged in life”
        So that played a part too.

        And side note – do you make edits on your photos? Just curious because this chain role and dock one would be nice with an edit

        Liked by 1 person

  2. Love the first one (just the interlocked chains with its posts) and the ‘bonded for life’ one!! And of course, the banyan tree ropes is the most majestic one!!

    Liked by 1 person

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