Story Club #6: Knowing the Unknown

Oh shoot! It’s Story Club time and I clean forgot all about it. So much has been happening lately, travel, wedding, trying to capture scissors and ladders, studying art whew! No wonder it slipped my mind. Oh well, better late than never right?

So here’s Story Club number 6, the last one for this year. And in honor of that, I am tweaking the rules – since it’s already late, I am skipping the pre-announcement of the story. Besides, nobody seems to be reading them in advance in any case 😦

And instead of a short story, I am picking up a book this time.

Hey hey!! Pipe down will ya? I can’t hear myself type. Just read me out 😉 The thing is I am way behind in my reading target for this year, so I thought why not kill two birds with one post? Tick off a book (or two) from my list and get in the Story Club as well – great idea isn’t it? 🙂

What about you – you ask.

Well how about reading the review and then you make an informed decision whether or not you would like to read this book? Come on admit it, that’s what you usually do don’t you? Anyway, since this is a book and I know it is short notice, I won’t give away any spoilers.

Okay, all set?

On the same page?

Let’s go.

The book I have chosen for last Story Club of 2016 is Everything a Man Knows About a Woman by Alan Francis (1930) who is a comedian and writer from Scotland.Not much is known about Francis as an author but this book has an average rating of 4.3 on 5 on Goodreads and 49 reviews. He first published this book in 1987 in consultation with Cindy Cashman.

I read the book in one sitting. In fact I don’t think I wasted any time drawing any breath either. It was gripping right from Page 1. The book was particularly fascinating from a woman’s perspective. It was a real eye-opener and made me understand men better than before. I have to confess that exposure to this book has given me significant insight into the male psyche and softened my harsh attitude towards them. I am a softer and mellower person particularly towards my significant other. I thought of gifting this book to him. But then I thought no point, he already knows all this (he may not admit it of course), better to gift to my girlfriends. They are bound to benefit richly from this fresh and rich insight and vision into the minds of the men who matter. I can almost guarantee you won’t regret reading this book.

Amazon is offering a 25th Anniversary Edition (1995) as well and the E-book costs just over 3 $ while the paperback edition is just under 4 $

But tell you what – If you are interested, I would be happy to ‘give’ you a copy of the book for free this Christmas season – ahem ahem I have inside information 😉

So, if you are hesitant to purchase this slim book of 128 blank pages of what men know about women, do let me know 😀

On the other hand, if you are willing to spend a little bit more in this holiday season (and expand your reading list for the year 2016), you could try What Every Man Thinks About Apart from Sex by Sheridan Simove published more recently in 2012. This is a thicker volume, about 200 blank pages.

In an apparent bid to decode the female psyche Dr. Melissa J Marshall jumped on to the bandwagon and published What Every Woman Thinks About (June 2016).

However, I personally found this book rather misleading and self-contradictory. I mean the author must have thought about what women think? And only after thinking about the topic did she come up with book of blank pages – did she not? And hey come on – does she or every other woman not think incessantly and ad nauseam about shopping, diamonds, how to steal their girl-friends’ boyfriends, murder their mother-in-laws etc etc?

You might call me biased but in my defense, I would have lauded the book if it had been titled What Every Woman Knows About Man. Now that would have been an epic tale.

Inspired by these priceless books, I am tempted to publish, “What Every Woman Should Know About Men.”

A hardbound book with a dark handsome beautiful cover design but no – the pages wouldn’t be blank. I have some plagiarized (suitably edited) material (from somewhere on the internet):

Men have 2 interests: hunger and hanky-panky, and they can’t tell them apart. If you see a gleam in his eyes, make him a sandwich.”

Look forward to reading your reviews (and contributions to the above book) while I add 3 books to my list of books I read this year. Apparently I can add a few more before the year is over 😀

As a peace offering, here is a short film (20 min) in Marathi with English subtitles – it gives a glimpse of Indian culture, traditions and psyche. Even I was unaware of this particular ritual. I would go so far as to say this is one of the best short films I have seen in a long time. Seriously. No hanky-panky. Off to have a sandwich.

By the way, just in case something isn’t quite clear in the short film, please do read the comment section of the video or even better we could discuss it here 🙂

If anyone wishes to join the Story Club (including this one) most welcome. Just post a review and link back to this post. Or you could host the next month’s Story Club?

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Please free to discuss, comment, suggest and protest 😉