Two Trees


The tree in front is the Champa or the Plumeria tree. The most common variety that I have seen are with white flowers but this one is pink and there is one right across the street that is blood red. I believe the flowers are used to make perfumes. In winter, the Champa tree sheds all its leaves and I find that version equally if not more eye-catching.

The tree at the back is what is locally known as the Gulmohar or the Krishnachura (in Bengali)  – Delonix regia. It comes in a range of brilliant colors and when in full bloom the lush green vanishes in a flame of red, yellow and on occasion I have also seen pink and purple blooms. I wonder which color this Gulmohar is?

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FFfAW # 93: Deja Vu


Deja Vu

Words 174

She had been about 6 years old.

They said a war was on.

They pasted brown paper on windows.

When the siren went off, ights were switched off.

They huddled in the darkness and spoke in whispers.

She thought it was a game.

Until the day the siren went off and Father wasn’t home.

“Where is Father?”

“Switch of the lights quick. He will be home soon.”

There was darkness all around.

She peered out of the window. But she couldn’t see a thing.

Father! Come home quick. What if a bomb falls on you?

Unable to control herself, she slipped out into the deserted street.

A shadow moved.

Was it Father?

God, please let it be Father.

Her first prayer ever.

The shadow coughed – a familiar beloved cough.

Her heart leaped. Delighted, she skipped back home before he could scold her.

Father was coming. He was safe.

She stood looking out into the dark deserted street.

If she stood long enough, prayed hard enough, would Father again emerge from the shadows?


Written for Flash Fiction for Aspiring Writers – a story in 175 words or less. Thanks to Priceless Joy for hosting and Maria for the photo prompt. To read the other stories on this prompt click here

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