CFFC: Down and Up

Whoosh! That’s how time flies and just as I thought there was tons of time for Cee’s next Fun Foto Challenge – Snakes and Ladders oops I mean Chutes and Ladders I find she’s already roped in the others for her next 😉 Anyway, better late than never right?

Okay so here goes – and I am glad the challenge is not called Snakes and Ladders, Chutes were difficult to get as it is 😀 The pictures are mostly from around the wedding venue I had recently attended.


A luggage chute – will it do?


A chute ramp to the motor boat 😉 Okay now for some ladders


A hard at work decorator or is the electrician?


Basking in the winter Sun. Can you imagine him doing this in 42o C (108 o F) with 80% humidity? Not just him, millions do it.


Triple bonanza 😀


Enough work, time for a bit of a rest, after a drink or two 😉


Hic hic hitching a ride home 😀

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