WPC: In Anticipation

This little fella at the Kolkata zoo one early winter morning, spotted us from the corner of his beady little eye.


Long term resident of the zoo and experienced in the ways of man, he didn’t waste any  any time taking up his place in anticipation of what was to come.


We wondered what was up but not for long. Despite warnings to the contrary, eager visitors willingly shared their goodies – oranges seemed to be a hot favorite. Using his nose, he deftly twitched the segments away from the orange peel and stuffed them in his mouth. Clearly a discerning foodie rather than a mere glutton.

Another time, at a temple, I met Lakshmi the elephant who accepted ‘offerings’ from her fans. If they were coins she would promptly pass them on to her trainer and in return she would ‘bless’ the giver by placing her trunk on their head. But if someone gave her a coconut, she would crack it on the stone floor like a nut. From the broken pieces, she would delicately sniff out the coconut flesh and gobble it up in a jiffy. Her dexterity and expertise was a mesmerizing watch and has remained with me despite not having any photos.


As for me, I too live in anticipation. Invoking Sri Ganesha, the elephant headed-God, the One who is prayed first and is the Remover of all obstacles, in the coming New Year I hope that:


Clouded visions clear
Overcome barriers
Real or imagined
Stride fearlessly
Upon destined paths
Vibrant yet tranquil

Thank you for reading and apologies for foisting my feeble attempts at poetry (if it can be called that!) upon you 😶

In anticipation of a note from you  🙂

Just 4 Fun # 18

Brrr winter is here


No wonder my feet are freezing – they are bare 😀 By the way, just to set the record straight, the writing in Hindi at the top doesn’t translate nor is it equivalent to – Good Morning. Instead it is “Sardi Hai” or It’s cold. Pretty misleading huh? Reminds me of when my two and a half year old son was put in playschool, much to his disgust. The problem was compounded by the fact that he was only conversant with Bengali while in school, the language of communication was either English or Hindi.

One day, he informed me in all seriousness and confidence, “Come here means – Don’t cry.”

Translation issues continue to dog us – for instance what if I literally translated ‘dog us’ to Hindi? 😀

Here’s another case:


Although I have to admit, this is more of a case of a typo than translation issue 😀 Going back to the original topic of winter and associated brrr factor in this season of celebrations, weddings and parties:


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