FFfAW #94: Lost in the Wilderness


Lost in the Wilderness

Words 175

Admit it Chotti you are lost.

‘Nonsense!’ Furious, Chotti scrubbed her face.

Why did you go off with Rishabh?

‘That %^$@*&!’ Chotti adjusted the stole over her torn neckline.

Just to make Shubham jealous?

‘Shut up dammit.’

A mewling halted her in-house altercation.

Peering though the foliage, Chotti gasped – an abandoned baby.

“Aren’t we a pair?” Chotti muttered as she swaddled the baby in her stole.

At the picnic, her plans to ‘show’ that insufferable obnoxious Shubham had backfired. Rishabh had an agenda of his own and worse, she had lost her phone in the ensuing scuffle.

She was lost.

The baby needed medical care.


The crunch of footsteps alarmed her.



Shubham took in her disheveled appearance and the baby in her arms.

His brow quirked. “That was umm… quick.”

“Very funny.” She glared – she could have hugged him. “Stop following me!”

“Then stop getting into trouble.” He draped his jacket over her.

“Good thing I did!” Chotti retorted, cuddling the baby. “If I hadn’t, she would have been lost forever.”


Written for Flash Fiction for Aspiring Writers – Thank you PJ for hosting and Joy Pixley for the photo prompt. To read the other stories inspired by this prompt click here