CB&W: Hand Made

Cee’s Black and White photo challenge is all about things made by human beings. Interesting topic and quite spoiled for choice – for once 😉

Let me start by shedding some light on it:


Got your cup of tea? Okay let’s move on to the next one

Taj mahal.jpg

A replica of the Taj Mahal at the Delhi Airport – gift wrapped for Christmas 😀


And that’s the Taj Mahal Hotel at Mumbai – pretty imposing isnt it?


Just next to it is the Gateway of India, a monument which overlooks the Arabian Sea.

How did you like the collection? Too many structures right? Hmm even I think so – how about if I sneak in a tree?


Relax! I am not breaking any rules – this too is man made by the one and only Nek Chand, at the Rock Gardens, Chandigarh. I was quite fooled by it and took me quite a while to accept it wasn’t real or alive. What about you?

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