FFfAW #103: The Wager


The Wager

Words 168


“You didn’t!” She scowled.

“Don’t you know by now that I never lose a wager?” There was a ghost of a twinkle in his eyes.

“One of these days you will.”

He paled.

He fought for breath.


He held her hand. “No. Stay. It’s time.”

“It’s not fair!” she sank down beside him.

“Didn’t I bet I would go first?” His voice was a whisper.

“Take me with you,” she pleaded.

“You haven’t even cleared security check, but I have my boarding pass,” he gloated.

“I don’t care! Pull some strings,” she cried, “get me my boarding pass.”


“Why must you always break my heart?” She gripped his hands. “Why must you always win?”

“70 years gone in a flash.”

And so was he.

She stood up with a crash.

To stop him.

To follow him.

Blinded by tears, she stumbled.

With no one to break her fall, she cracked her head on the floor.

He couldn’t always win.

She wouldn’t let him.

Not this time.


Written for the Flash Fiction for Aspiring Writers – a story in 175 words or less. Thank you PJ for hosting and Dawn M. Miller for the photo prompt. To read the other stories inspired by this prompt click here.

Thank you for reading – look forward to your comments and reactions

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35 thoughts on “FFfAW #103: The Wager”

  1. “She stood up with a crash” … claps!!!! “Security check and boarding pass”… woww!!
    But yet he won:)

    Very interesting imagination for this pic…. loved it!!

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  2. Hi Dji just read this the end & aapne toh kya finish kiya hai, sare medals aapke liye👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼

    501 ka kya shagun diya hai aapne, aasoon aa gaye aur ye khushi ke nahi hai. Looks like khushi aaj bhi wahi hai jaha humne usse last time dekha tha. Bechari lockdown ho gayi, ye Arnav naam ka virus hai hi aisa. It doesn’t spread at light speed but since it is custom made for KKG, iska peecha toh woh chodne se raha. Let’s see iss baar kaunsi vaccine se Khushi control karti hai, purani wali toh sari ineffective ho gayi. Woh tumharee aankhon main aasoon nahi dekh sakta wali, tum teek ho wali, hamesha sambhal loonga wali & i love u dammit wali toh vanish hi ho gayi hai. Hey devi maiyaa iss baar Arnav bitwa ko aisa sadma chahiye jo kamal hassan ko bhi na laga ho. Khushi bitiya hum sab aa gaye hai, toh ab jamega rang, jab saath honge tum, tumhari tanhaiyaan aur hum log.. toh zor se bolo jai mata ki, sare bolo jai mata ki🙏🏼

    PS- Hum bhi apna mail id de kya Dji?

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Jai Mata ki🙏 aisa sadma jo kama hasan ko😂🤣🤣🤣 Hilarious. Sorry about the comment box glitch but appreciate your efforts to leave me a note. Thank you😊🌹

      Liked by 1 person

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