CB&W: Geometrical Shapes

This photo challenge is a toughie – Any Geometric Shape. Especially given my mathematical abilities 😉 Let me see what I can come up with – Cee has promised to be lenient and hope you are too 😀


Will this do? Some unidentifiable remains of the Diwali celebrations. Oh well…




Drum circles resting before the Durga Puja festivities.


Howzz that?


This one in black and white gives nice (geometrically) eerie feelings doesn’t it? 😀


Some straight lines from the Rock Garden – remember Junk Art? Yep the very same place.

More from the Rock Garden – take your pick of geometrical shapes of triangles, squares, rectangles, pentagons and hexagons. Can you find them? 😉

Thanks for visiting – any observations or favorites?

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