COB #45: Child’s Play


Boys! Give them some space and watch them bloom and glow 🙂 I loved (and envied) the innocent joy of just running after a ball – or perhaps it is the freedom of being let out of prison school.

Here’s a snap of the amphitheater without the children. Looks kind of desolate doesn’t it?


This amphitheater is situated at the other end of the Rock Garden at Chandigarh, India – featured in the post Junk Art and also The Bare One. The design and pattern of the amphitheater is crafted from an artistic arrangement of broken discarded pieces of tiles. I love the way the tree is part of the whole scene with the little one growing in the middle 🙂

Here’s a closer view of the kind of magic an artist can craft from junk.


Stunning work isnt it? My favorite was the grinning tiger 😀


Isn’t he cute? And his smile infectious?

Now if only I could do something half as creative with all the stuff at home lying about at home…

Thanks for visiting and I hope you enjoyed the photos. Do hop over to Cee’s for super odd balls.

For the once upon a time readers of Silver Streaks - here's the link to Chotti's woes and escapades - Chotti's Day Out - Part I


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29 thoughts on “COB #45: Child’s Play”

  1. This is magnificent. Amazing what people can do. He must have worked for a long time, and it was worth it.

    There’s a monastery in Cullman, Alabama where one of the monks did something similar with broken and discarded dishes, stones, marbles, other household discards, and concrete. One of the things he built was a scale model of Jerusalem at the time of Jesus Christ; it’s fantastic.

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    1. Yes, the artist Nek Chand worked at night for 18 years for fear of being found out and made hundreds of sculptures. Both his dedication and creativity is inspiring. Thank you for sharing information about the monastery-would love to see it some day. Thank you for dropping by!


  2. When I first came to this post I zoomed in on the first photo and felt the joy of the kids at play and then I was wondering about the artsy backdrop. And voila – the post was about that very thing!
    Cool amphitheater and the grinning tiger is fun- now off to the junk art link…..
    And kinda feeling like someone might look at us and wonder (like the kids with th ball) when they see our joy to visit blogs and follow links about topics we love! Ha!

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