CFFC: Leaves and Trees

Whew! I almost missed this fun foto challenge of Cee’s! And my favorite topic too – Leaves and Trees. And I have discovered a recent fascination for leaves as well so picking and choosing was quite a challenge. Hoping that you will enjoy my selection.


Let’s begin with an assortment of leaves, mostly teak leaves.


Just trying for some perspective here – they are huge arent they?

GreenLI was fascinated by this find and carried it inside for some special treatment

AshokA collection of dried Ashoka tree leaves.

BananaBanana leaves against a cloudy evening sky

EucaEucalyptus tree standing tall against the litchi trees. Don’t miss the fair elbows!

RedgreenThe greens attempts to tone down the exuberance of the reds

BattyNext I have a really batty tree for you. Yes! those black things are bats waiting for darkness to fall.


Perhaps she dropped her leaves because she didn’t want any hanger-ons – what do you think? Did you notice her pose? Perhaps the stone sculptors of ancient India took inspiration from her kind. And before you scroll down – look! Mango blossoms – the prize for the heat and dust!

GoldenA golden tree by the road

TendrilsA mystery tree with strange tendrils hanging down like some exotic jewelry. Anyone know which tree? Ferdi?

FortThe last one standing at the Chittorgarh fort. Oh the stories it could tell

BadhairThis one’s having a really bad hair day 😀 Or perhaps it has seen some really hair-raising stuff in its heydays. After all this is the place for committing jauhar and sati.

CloverI clicked this patch of clover leaves hoping to find a lucky four-leafed one at leisure. No such luck yet – what about you?

ParlorAll neat and tidy, ready to toe the line and follow rules and regulations with not a hair out of place.

AsulikeAnd then we have this place where there’s no sense or order, each to her own to be as she likes no questions asked. Which do you prefer?

SunkissedAnd finally the Sun kisses this one good night 🙂

Thanks for visiting and sharing your favorite one!

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27 thoughts on “CFFC: Leaves and Trees”

  1. Loved the collection and loved the tags with each one, the only tree standing tall was so inspiring, the one numbered felt like a beautiful womans poise, the last one shared the spirit of love…amazing collection

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  2. I love the pictures of fallen leaves.(( I have taken such pictures ) They always remind me of a Gujarati verse. Translated. Seeing an old leaf falling off the tree the young leaves started to laugh. The old leaf said patience my dears your turn/time will also come. Sorry cannot identify your tree but I have seen them whenever I visit India. No, I had never found a four-leaf clover, no Irish luck. I am sure your sister will bring a souvenir from Ireland.
    Your batty tree reminded me of the tall silk cotton (Kapok tree) in front of my house in Dar es Salaam which harboured hundreds of bats and just after sunset they fly off the tree looking like a black cloud. I wish I had taken pictures in those days.
    Loved the last picture.It is a great picture.
    Have a good day Dahlia.

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    1. Even I wish you had taken pics! But then it’s never too late is it 😉 I like fallen leaves but hate it when it is mixed up with other grabage like plastic, wrappers and stuff. The Gujarati verse is so true and apt for all of us. The last pic (like most of my pics) was a fluke 🙂

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  3. what variety! the Fort one is chilling and moody –
    the first three (or four) have the fun textured backgrounds and the positive and negative space made those images extra artsy to me.
    and funny how enjoyable it can be to look at the simple veins in a leaf – so purdy.
    and lastly, the one with tendrils reminded me of something we’d see in South Carolina (no idea what it is…)

    Liked by 1 person

      1. well think of Bugs Bunny running through a wall.
        The hole he made would be the positive space
        the wall left behind is the negative –
        well that is one way to consider it – and in art it helps the students to think of some compositions with subjects and background – it does not apply to all comps – but some…

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