WPC: Moo Point

Here’s my third and final re-post for the Daily Post a story in pictures. Hopefully I shall be back with fresh content soon. Thanks for your visits and patience. Have a wonderful day.

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One sunny winter morning, we set to explore the Kolkata suburbs. Err well actually, the boys were on the lookout for a suitable place to reconnect minus the usual noise of their own ‘inhibitory’ pathways. And I, being blessed with no such inhibitions, tagged along for some possible photo ops. And voila there unfolded right before my phone camera a live drama.

brunchThe ladies were out for a bit of a munch at brunch

gossipPerhaps share a few confidences away from the old hag and other potential eavesdroppers.

dangerOh but wait – what was that? Danger!!!

retreatTime for a graceful and disdainful retreat – the leading lady led the way, while a tardy youngster grabbed a mouthful for the road.

retreat2Feeling brave, I ventured closer. She gave me a beady glare – No interviews or autographs please. I have other urgent business to attend to – she trotted off on…

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13 thoughts on “WPC: Moo Point”

  1. Beautiful pictures and very apt commentary. You can feel that is what they are doing. Who is the lady on the horse? Looked like a woman on the horse. Jansiiki Rani?
    Good Morning Dahlia. It is a lovely sunny morning. The snow a distant memory. But it has been raining on and off. Good for the lawn.The cows would have loved the green…green grass. But it is only the squirrels digging up the lawn to look for buried treasure (except they can never remember where they have buried food all winter.)

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      1. Well, we do get visited by foxes now and then. When they are around no squirrels, rats or cats are around. These days there are a lot of fat well-fed cats who are terrorising the birds in the garden. Then there was a fierce looking dog that jumped over the fence and terrorised us for days until it was served an Anti-Social behaviour Order (ASBO) and removed. Though I grumble I do not mind the squirrels at all.


  2. Ah Dahlia, I completely missed your point about the beast. It seems you are more up to date with our weather.
    We did have a heavy snowfall on Saturday with freezing cold. Today we have a bright day but rest of the country and Ireland are suffering from the mini beast from the east. (from Siberia) St. Patrick had an upper hand yesterday and in some parts of Ireland people were able to come out to celebrate. I can be a bit thick sometimes.

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