Different Shades

I missed Sunday Trees last week as I was busy with shifting (but I did post lots of trees (and leaves) but I’m back this week with a couple of photos of the same tree one early morning and the other a bit later in the day. Have a look.

20180125_092430Looks like night doesnt it? But trust me, the sun was right behind the tree allowing me to block it even if for a little while. The tree caught my eye for two reasons – the lighting and the funny bushy stumps/arms. And of course it was tall and being an Eucalyptus tree it reminded me of home. But yet the leaves seemed different and not so long and pointy. So which one do you prefer? Me? I still haven’t made up my mind 😀


Do you see

how well you see

and what you see

is subject to which

side you are

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22 thoughts on “Different Shades”

  1. first of all – love that artsy tree – such personality.
    and then the two sides with all the change – brilliant.
    and worth more than making up for a missed week – ha!
    so cool

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  2. I like the second picture best and might I add, u’ve always liked the statuesque Eucalyptus tree. Silver bark and that sound when the wind blows through its leaves…. Reminds me of my happy days ☹️

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  3. fun idea! I like this. Your post reminded me that we can’t just take one view for granted, whether of a tree or of something about our lives. There can be such a change in a different time of day or shift of perspective. 🙂

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