Just 4 Fun # 70


Why just happiness? Fun and laughter too multiplies when you share it. So here’s some stuff that made me laugh which I share in the hope that your smiles will again bring a smile to my face.

Let’s start with some New Year wishes


May you glow all through the year 😉

Leave Wonder if he was forced to go on a really long leave or promoted for his love 😀


Anyone interested?


Well in his defense, the point is to communicate and he got his massage across right? 😉 Anyone hungry?

SnakesNot fond of snakes? No problem, we serve a wide range


Send witches to make tea, coffe? Oh well, never mind


Mabel, see you at this corner 😀


To be honest I completely empathize with this one. Somethings are so deeply ingrained that it’s difficult to rise above them. Once we had to take our son to the hospital due to a severe attack of asthma. It was late at night and we were terribly worried and frazzled. My husband came and asked if the next dose had been given.

I said, “No he said a little later.”

“Who said?” He asked.

“He.” I gestured.

“Who he?” The hubby was irritable and impatient. “The doctor?

Numb and dumb, I shook my head.


I searched wildly for the right word and finally in a flash of brilliance I said, “The Sister said.”

I haven’t been able to forget the Nurse’s expression! Ah well, moving on…


Anyone requiring a specialist tailor you know where to go 😉

CertifiedI think this one deserves a satifiket for promoting phonetic writing 😀


Now I know which notice to put up when I am closed. But Meneja was the coolest 😀

A huge round of applause and cheers to the never say die spirit and the creativity of my fellow beings – which one did you like best? Or found toughest to decode? Do let me know and have a super week

Hope you found something that you enjoyed – none of which are mine by the way. I found them on the internet or received them as forwards and am just keeping the fun going.

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30 thoughts on “Just 4 Fun # 70”

  1. Great collection of chuckles. Brightened up the grey morning. My favourites? The advertisements for the vacancy for male salesgirl and Santosh Tailor. I am sure he/she is a specialist doctor in disguise.
    Good Morning Dahlia.

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  2. Hahaha! These are so many photos of funny English! 😀 Very nice to keep them going. They all look like photos from India, though. Sweets and Snakes: In Australia we have this very popular brand of sweets which are in the shape of snacks, chewy lollies in the shape of snakes. So that sign might actually work in Australia, lol 😂 I see your pingback (pingbacks work when you link to a blog page that is not the home page 😂😂). It is a great food store sign, DragonMomCorner, but don’t know if that man can actually cook nice food…never know until you try and maybe he does 😀

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    1. 😀 I agree with your reservations about DragonMomCorner! But these days every busy market has one guy on a bicycle selling hot momos like hot cakes. Their supplies run out in 30 minutes flat and yet some are better than the rest. People swear by some guy at some street corner for that special different preparation. I havent been able to make that move yet. So perhaps we can just meet there and decide on where to go for burger and fries? 😉 Thanks for the pingback tip – will keep it mind next time 🙂


      1. One guy and the hot momos sound super popular. Easy work for him in a day 😀 we can meet at the corner and go for food! It must be burger and fries, preferably burger with cheese and cheese fries. You’d be surprised how hard it is in Australia to get cheese fries 😞


    2. Oh and snakes (and much of other spelling goof ups) is because of phonetic writing and added to that regional accents – snacks is pronounced as snakes particularly in some regions and hence…

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