CFFC: A Variety of Vees

This week, Cee’s engaging photo challenge is about words starting with V’s and must have at least 6 letters. And as usual I was stumped and resigned to giving it a miss. Until I received a photo from my sis from Dublin and that set the ball rolling.

Only fair to start with that right?

VibgyorQuite the perfect rainbow encompassing the entire sky and neatly framing the trees, isnt it? But where’s the V you ask? VIBGYOR my friend VIBGYOR. What! That’s not even a word? Fine well then I am sure some very vivacious people stay in these houses, besides isn’t this picture a veritable feast for the eyes? 😉


A safe bet this time! A vintage car, and not just any vintage car but the one used by the Nobel laureate Rabindranath Tagore. Don’t miss the shadow of the greenery over the glass casing.

VibrantA vibrant cloudless blue sky at Lucerne.

VacantA deserted cafe with vacant chairs at the corner of a busy marketplace in Delhi – a rarity I assure you. Perhaps we were too early.

VerdantA vibrant, vivacious Sahasradhara (thousand streams) amidst verdant surroundings.

VermillionA deserted stairway at a hotel. Hopefully, the vermilion colored fire extinguisher will never be required to be actually used.

VivaciousCan you not vividly see the bright chattering vivacious little girl who must have thrown off her new shoes to run up the temple stairs?

(c) Aprajita

I end this series with a pretty painting (with a smattering of violet flowers) made by a very young friend of mine.

Thanks for visiting, do let me know which one entertained you the most!