CFFC: Colors of S

How many colors do you know that begin with S? Scarlet comes to mind, perhaps Silver but then the mind draws a blank. But why worry when Google is at hand right? So armed with help from the internet I attempt to rise to Cee’s challenge of photos with colors beginning with S.

And here we go:

CactiBy the roadside, a triple bonanza – sandy brown earth, school bus yellow cacti and safety orange flowers 😀

Scarlett sign

A scarlet sign. I somehow found the sign terribly amusing – Emergency exit to Human Evolution!

Safron liftA saffron frame to an ancient lift

Salmon tileA nanny trying to feed a toddler playing on salmon tiles


Sandy brown wall hangings

SculptureA sandy brown sculpture from ancient times

SlateA slate grey sculpture of Devi Durga as she destroys Mahishasura

Silver peacockA peacock with an intricately designed silver tail

Silver scarletA silver scarlet monster contraption at the airport

Light fixA safety orange light fixer on the roads of Delhi

ParrotA shamrock green monster parrot

Hope you liked my selection of S colors! Have a super day.